To be experienced during a regular date! 

(Extra rate 100 euro)

All High Class Escorts from Eslabelle offer you a full ‘Girlfriend Experience’ also known as GFE. Some High Class Escorts also offer a ‘Pornstar Experience’. But what exactly is a Pornstar Experience (PSE)? We regularly get the question at Eslabelle: “What does the ‘Pornstar Experience’ actually entail?” Here you can read all about how you can have a naughty Pornstar Experience. 

What is a Pornstar Experience (PSE)?

Porn is all the rage these days! What is your favourite genre? The Pornstar Experience focuses mainly on dirty talk, more adventurous positions, anal play (A-Level), louder moans, gentle spanking, sex toys or kinky outfits. Anything that contributes to a very exciting experience! Like the ‘Girlfriend Experience’  the ‘Pornstar Experience’ (PSE) is very intimate. The Pornstar Experience is also called PSE. Especially for an exciting ‘Pornstar Experience’, it is important that you have built a good connection during the date. During a ‘Pornstar Experience’ the intimacy is playful and sometimes even a bit uninhibited. That is why it is important to take good time for each other during a booking.  The PSE Experience is always combined with the GFE Experience. During your dinner date she is the perfect (sweet, neat, elegant woman) in bed she is wild, exciting and adventurous. 

Rate for a ‘Pornstar Experience’

At High Class Escort Service Eslabelle we make sure fantasies come true. Please note not high-class escorts from Eslabelle provide the Pornstar Experience. Feel free to contact Eslabelle we will be happy to advise you! For a Pornstar Experience there is always an extra charge of 100 euros. These costs are added to the regular rates of the date. 

Erotic activities at a ‘Pornstar Experience’ (PSE)

During the Pornstar Experience, you can combine various extra service. Extra services you can add to your ‘Pornstar Experience’ date are:

A-level: A-level or Anal Play is sometimes combined during the “Pornstar Experience”. Some of our ladies can definitely appreciate A-level. The important thing is to take your time with this during your date. Do you have questions about which ladies find A-level as exciting as you do? Feel free to let us know. 

Fetish and Fantasy: Feel free to express your fetish or fantasy to us. At High Class Escort AgencyEslabelle, it is important to us that you feel comfortable sharing your desires. Why dream of an experience when it can come true? 

BDSM: Playing with body and mind is something that can be perfectly combined with an exciting “Pornstar Experience”. At High Class Escort Service Eslabelle, we have different BDSM experiences. The light BDSM variant fits perfectly with the “Pornstar Experience”. This is because it combines well with the naughty playful edge of the BDSM experience. 

Erotic massage: An erotic massage is perfect for getting to know each other in a naughty and playful way. All high-class escort girls from Eslabelle find this a lot of fun to do. They therefore like to tease and please you with an erotic massage during your date. 

– Prostate massage: All high-class escorts of Eslabelle are trained to give a good prostate massage. There is no extra charge for a prostate massage. 

Dirty Talk: Dirty talk can increase sexual arousal by creating erotic tension and highlighting sexual desires and fantasies. 

Please make your wishes known to us in advance, at Eslabelle we believe it is important to tailor a date entirely to your needs.

The Pornstar Experience (PSE) box

Complete the Pornstar Experience with Eslabelle’s ‘Sexy Gifts’ box.  The box contains items that will make your date even more exciting and hotter! Lets get dirty! Do you ever fantasise about a naughty experience? One full of excitement and eroticism? Then this package is perfect for you! Porno is totally contemporary, everyone watches it and regularly fantasises about it. Experience a real ‘Pornstar Experience’ that you will enjoy for a long time. With the contents of this gift box, things will definitely get hot & dirty! The ‘Sexy Gifts’ box costs 120 euro including VAT.

Pornstar Experience info


Kissing is always included in every date, so our companions are sure to seduce you and kiss you passionately at the right time. 

Where can she come visit me?:

Our companions always come to you. This can be in a hotel (at least 4 stars) or in your own home. When making your reservation, you can indicate to Eslabelle where the companion can come to you. TIP: Our companions can really appreciate it if you prepare their favourite drink in advance. 


At Eslabelle, we ensure that our companions arrive discreetly at all times and arrive at the date on time. The companions’ arrival as well as departure will always be inconspicuous. A true companion of Eslabelle is always neatly and stylishly dressed. She always wears exclusive lingerie and will dress in a Little black dress (to the knee) with stay-ups, over this she will wear a neat cloak. If you prefer her to dress casually, this is of course also possible. It is also possible for her to bring extra exciting lingerie, dresses or something else so that she can put it on in the hotel room. 

Travel costs

Travel costs per companion are €0.50 per kilometre from the companion’s place of residence to your desired destination. This will be calculated by Eslabelle on the basis of the outward and return journey. Would you like to make a booking outside the Netherlands? If so, please contact us. The transport of your companion will be arranged by Eslabelle. 

Preparation and requests

All companions representing Eslabelle are always prepared to perfection. They have with them all the gear you need. Think: massage oil, lubricant and more. Do you have requests you would like her to bring as well? Then be sure to let us know and we will make sure that everything is arranged to perfection. Our companions love to experiment with toys. Therefore, they will always bring one of their favourite toys during your date. Would you like to bring a toy along as well? Then keep in mind that these toys should still be new in the packaging. If you have any wishes or something special in mind, please let us know. 

Safe seks policy

In many porn films, in all likelihood, you will mostly see porn stars having sex without a condom. At Eslabelle, we have a safe sex policy. This means that a condom is always used during anal, vaginal and oral sex. Services such as (PZC) blowjobs without a condom, CIM (ejaculation in the mouth) or CIF (ejaculation in the face) are NOT among the options.

The end of the evening


Time with our companions flies by! We can therefore imagine that you would like to extend the date with your companion. The last 15 minutes before the end of your date, Eslabelle will call your companion to indicate that your date is almost over. Would you like to enjoy each other a little longer? Then of course this is possible. You can tell your companion for how many hours you would like to extend the booking. She will arrange this with Eslabelle and you can enjoy each other a little longer. Please note that the payment for the extension must be made immediately. 

When the date ended: 

If you decide not to extend the date, your companion will get ready, thank you for the great evening and discreetly leave again. 

TIP: Did you also enjoy the date with your companion so much? Then feel free to send us a review.