A-level is an extra service and you can enjoy A-level during a regular date. 

  • This extra service is subject to a surcharge of 100 euros on top of the regular rate.

A-level is a frequently requested service at Eslabelle. A-level is also known as anal sex. It’s a bit naughty and it offers some variety to intimacy. Some of our high-class escorts can therefore definitely appreciate anal sex. The important thing is that you take your time to explore this quietly together. Read more about this extra service here! 

Anal sex (A-Level) with your High Class Escort

Both men and women can enjoy Anal sex. If you like the idea of trying Anal sex with your high-class escort, it is important to take the following things into account: 

1.      Let her relax: 

If your high-class escort is not relaxed then anal sex will start to hurt. Take time to get to know her beforehand. Go out to dinner together and show interest in her. See also tips on how to make a good connection here.  Also ask what she likes while doing a-level. And, of course, be mindful of her boundaries. 

2.      Lubricant:

Our high-class escorts always bring lubricant suitable for anal sex. During anal sex, use enough of this lubricant, the more the better! This is because if you use too little lubricant, it can hurt her. 

3.      Start slowly:

It is best to start with a finger or butplugg before proceeding to penetration. A-level requires good preparation!  A-level is very different in real life than in porn movies. It is mostly a gentle and intimate experience. As such, you are not supposed to start anal penetration right away. Our ladies ALWAYS reserve the right to abandon the A-level service if they are not comfortable with it. 

Other variations on A-level with your High Class Escort

A-level is more than anal penetration. You also have the so-called light A-level. The difference with the latter is the penetration. The Light version often includes stroking and licking. Most high-class escorts find the latter version very pleasurable.  

Rates for A-level (anal sex)

At High Class Escort Service Eslabelle we make sure fantasies come true. Please note not high-class escorts from Eslabelle provide this service (a-level). Feel free to contact Eslabelle we will be happy to advise you! Anal sex is always charged 100 euros extra. These costs are in addition to the regular date fees.