An Erotic Massage can be experienced during a regular date!

  • No extra costs are charged for an Erotic Massage

Are you also in such need of relaxation? Many of our high-class escorts have completed a special massage course. They will be only too happy to pamper you with an erotic massage during your date. Forget the present and immerse yourself in the moment during an erotic massage together with your high-class escort. Relaxation is finest when interspersed with intimate exertion. An “Erotic Massage” can be experienced with any regular date! 

Erotic massage with your High Class Escort

Everyone can use a massage once in a while, because how nice is it to completely relax and lose yourself in your romantic moment.  Just relax and forget about everything and everyone around you? A romantic room, soothing background music, and a beautiful high-class escort who pampers you completely.  

What is an erotic massage?

An erotic massage (also called sensual massage) is a widely practised massage technique whose main purpose is to arouse and/or enhance sexual desire. An erotic massage can be performed as foreplay or as part of your intimate play. An erotic massage often aims to arouse sexual feelings. However, an erotic massage can also have sexual stimulation as an afterthought. If so, the erotic massage is meant to make you relax, arousal is then a fine side effect. 

Our High Class Escorts do not always massage with their hands! 

When we think of massages, we actually automatically think of soft hands stroking our bodies. That need not be the case with some erotic massages. The name of body-to-body massage actually says it all: this massage is performed with the body. The goal is otherwise the same: you get to relax while the necessary relaxation and secretly some erotic effort are provided. With this technique, you will feel completely relaxed while your high-class escort massages you from head to toe with her bare body. Much of this will be done with the breasts and buttocks, while the massage oil will ensure that it becomes very intense as the two bodies glide past each other. A body-to-body massage is known as an erotic massage that will also take you into higher erotic realms. The literal body-to-body massage is therefore an extremely unique experience, as you are stimulated both physically and mentally.

The different types of massages

The aforementioned body-to-body massage is immediately one of the most explicit massages out there, but there are a number of other variants that might interest you. 

Body-to-body massage

We have already mentioned it briefly, but body-to-body massage involves the use of the body instead of the hands. In this massage variant, you can enjoy intense touching by the complete and also naked body of your high-class escort. This massage stands for ultimate pleasure and excitement. 

Duo massage

In the duo massage, you will be handled by two high-class escorts. Four hands will stimulate you even more and you can count on twice the pleasure.

Erotic partner massage

This is a massage you can enjoy as a couple. In this case, both of you will be massaged, but you may also both choose to focus on one partner. 

Tantric massage

This is an originally Oriental massage where patience and finesse come together, and the present and urgency are released as much as possible. The subtle touches involved in tantra ensure that your senses are put on edge and your body goes into ecstasy. Sensitive points include the neck, waist, hollows of the knees, nipples and inner thighs. By touching these specific spots, sensual energy will flow through the rest of your body. A tantra massage also includes a ‘Tantra Experience’. For our tantra service, we charge 50 euros extra. 

Costs of an erotic massage

A wonderful erotic massage is included in every booking. So it costs you nothing extra to enjoy a wonderful erotic massage. For a tantra massage, however, extra costs are charged. This is because a tantra massage is part of a ‘Tantra Experience’. An extra 50 euros will be charged for this. Would you like to enjoy an erotic massage? Please inform Eslabelle in advance.