Are you in Munich and want to be accompanied by a beautiful and intelligent high-class escort? We at High Class Escort Service Eslabelle do match making and can help you organise an intimate and romantic date in Munich. Our companions all offer a unique Girlfriend Experience and therefore, during a date, it will really feel like being your real girlfriend. Enjoy a romantic walk through the city together or experience what it is like to dine with a beautiful woman in a luxurious and culinary restaurant.

Why choose High Class Escort Service Eslabelle in Munich

We at Eslabelle strive for perfection in everything we do and will not only fulfil your wishes, but make you exceed them. Our high-class escorts are gorgeous, elegant and intelligent and are therefore the best high-class escorts across Europe. This is one of the reasons we can say that we are one of the most exclusive high-class escort agencies in Germany. With us, you may only settle for the very best!

What do our high-class escorts have in common

All high-class escorts representing Eslabelle have gone through extensive screening, which means we know our companions inside out. Our high-class escorts all differ in character but have the following things in common:

  • They are gorgeous 
  • They are pursuing or have pursued a high education
  • They do this alongside their work or studies
  • They are discrete, respectful and professional
  • They are resident in the Netherlands and at least 21 years old 
  • They have good taste in clothes
  • They offer a sincere Girlfriend Experience

Check out our beautiful high-class escorts available in Munich and other cities in Germany.

Girlfriend Experience in Munich

Would you like to experience what it feels like to walk the streets of Munich with a beautiful woman by your side? All our high-class escorts are gorgeous and offer a sincere and passionate ‘Girlfriend Experience’. During a date with one of our companions, it will also really feel like your real girlfriend and you will experience it as a unique experience full of intimacy, passion and companionship.

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Discover Munich with a high-class escort

All high-class escorts representing Eslabelle love to travel and therefore really enjoy accompanying you in a city like Munich. Opt for a romantic Dinner date or get to know each other better while strolling through the fascinating shopping streets. It is also an intimate city with beautiful architecture and culture, making it a city that has everything for a perfect date.

Luxe dinner date in Munich

The city of Munich is known for its many culinary restaurants, which are ideal for a romantic and beautiful ‘Dinnerdate’. Our high-class escorts are only too happy to keep you company over dinner at one of the restaurants we recommend:

  • Therasa Bar Munich
  • Acquarello Munich
  • Tantris Munich

After you’ve enjoyed dinner and got to know each other better, it’s time to seek excitement in the hotel room. We have listed two hotels:

  • The Charles Hotel
  • Mandarin Oriental 

Would you like us to make the reservation for you? That is possible!

Exclusive companionship from a high-class escort in Munich

All high-class escorts representing Eslabelle are Dutch-speaking and are known for their long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. This is therefore one of the reasons why they are very popular in Munich. Our companions are eager to fly to Munich to make it a great and unforgettable time together with you. When you choose Eslabelle, you choose exclusive companionship and can expect only the very best.

Book a Dutch high-class escort in Munich

At Eslabelle, it is possible to organise a dream date with one of our high-class escorts! Booking one of our companions is very easy and you can do so by filling in the booking form or contact us at +31633336375.

`Note: Charges related to airfare and taxi must be paid in advance.  

In addition, our high-class escorts do not travel to areas for which a code red has been issued by the ministry. 

We are happy to help you organise a romantic and intimate date in Munich!

Do you have any questions about the character of one of our companions or can we help you in any other way? Get in touch with us!