You can make your Fetish or Fantasy come true during a regular date with one of our high-class escorts.  

(Extra rate 100 euros)

Have you had an exciting or thrilling fantasy for some time? Why dream about something when you can make your wishes, desires and fantasies come true. Some people do not share their fantasies with the outside world.  At High Class Escort Service Eslabelle, you can share all your fetish and fantasies with us. Many of our beautiful high-class escorts are happy to explore with you. They are very open-minded and always open to discovering new sexual adventures together with you. 

What is a fetish? 

A fetish is a sexual preference for an object, material, body part or situation that is not necessarily considered sexual by most people. So this can really be anything. Some clients may prefer: lingerie, specific garments, shoes, latex, leather, rubber, underwear, hair, feet, dominance, submission, smell, and so on. We are happy to provide a date completely tailored to your needs. During an exciting Fetish date with your high-class escort, she can also ensure that your date becomes even more exciting. If you like it, she can bring extra items to your fetish date such as: silk, other materials, rubber leather etc. Everything is possible! Of course, it is also possible to leave a clothing request for your high-class (fetish) escort. 

What is a fantasy?

A sexual fantasy is a mental image or scenario that is arousing and can lead to sexual arousal and pleasure. It can occur while fantasising or daydreaming, or it can be aroused by a particular stimulus, such as a particular smell, sound, image or situation.

Sexual fantasies can range from simple fantasies about an attractive high-class escort, for example, to more detailed scenarios about various sexual fantasies. Some people fantasise about things they cannot do in “real” life, such as sex with someone of the same sex, group sex, BDSM or other fetishes.

Fetish en fantasy

Turn your fantasy or fetish into reality! 

At High Class Escort Service Eslabelle, the possibilities are endless. For every date, we provide a date completely tailor-made for you. At Eslabelle, we believe that dreams are there to come true. 

Is one of your wishes, desires or fantasies to experience one of the following extra services? 

At Eslabelle, we like to think with you during your date. Let us know what your perfect date looks like. And we will make sure your fetish or fantasy becomes reality. 

A fetish or fantasy booking with your High Class escort

Several high-class escorts from High Class Escort Service Eslabelle are available for a fetish or fantasy date. They enjoy these types of dates themselves! Depending on your fetish or fantasy, we will look for the right match. The level of experience in the field of fetish and fantasy can be very different between our high-class escorts. Of course, this also applies to you as a client. It is really the intention that you go on a journey of discovery together in which mutual pleasure, safety and respect for each other are always most important. 

Your first Fetish or fantasy booking with your High Class Escort

Are you new to Eslabelle? Then we recommend a date of at least 4 hours. This so you can first get acquainted with your high-class escort. You can also experiment a little with your fetish or fantasy during your first date. Your date with your high-class escort will feel familiar! Both outside the bedroom and during your intimate journey of discovery. During your date, take good time to discuss your fetish and fantasy desires. This is the only way you can have a journey of discovery together that you will never forget!