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Class, style, beauty and intelligence are what distinguish our high class Escorts. Whichever woman you meet, she will do her utmost to make sure you have a pleasant time and unforgettable moments.

Eslabelle’s escort service is one where reliability and discreet service tailored to your needs are paramount. The safety and pleasure of our ladies and of you as a client is a priority for us. This way we can offer everyone a pleasant experience where everything goes smoothly and naturally. 

Women with a high level of education

We only work with people who have another main activity. Our escorts do not work full time, but are mainly career women and students. This has many advantages for you as a client.

Spontaneity and passion: as our escort girls already have another main activity, they are escorts for pleasure and passion. You will never have the impression that they are “at work”. Because our ladies work as luxury escorts alongside their full-time profession, you can be sure that the experience is more authentic and spontaneous. 

Classy and smart: the high-end escort girls you will find on the Eslabelle website are ladies of the highest standard. Because they have a main profession or are students, in addition to being escort girls, they are versatile and particularly pleasant interlocutors. So you can easily take our escort girls to a business lunch or a long trip without the conversations becoming boring or shallow! 

Adventurous and sociable: a date with our escort girls lasts at least 2 hours. By opting for a slightly longer duration, the experience is much more natural. You can take your time to get to know her and she can discover what you really like. This makes the date not only exciting, but also adventurous and fun. 

Discreet and anonymous: For many people, using an escort is a big step. No matter why you want to make an appointment with one of our ladies, they always remain extremely discreet. As our escorts also have their own careers, they are also anonymous on our site. Whether you meet in a private place like your own home or in a public place like a restaurant, anonymity and discretion are guaranteed. 

Respectful and patient: you can be sure that our escorts will treat your wishes with respect. Our ladies are free of judgement and put your pleasure and joy first. Even if you don’t know what to do or need a quiet moment to talk, our high-class escorts are patient and always respectful. 

What can our luxury escorts do for you?

Our luxury escorts want to give you a fantastic experience that you will enjoy for a long time. That’s why our escorts offer a wide range of services. So you can choose what you like and still have a unique experience with the escort girl of your choice. Below you will find a brief explanation of the services offered by our escorts. You can also find more information under the services page. 

Possibilities with a high class escort

Do you want a nice dinner or a partner for an international trip? Our high class escorts are more than willing to make sure you have a great time, whatever you want. In all these arrangements, a pleasant experience where you can take your time in peace is at the heart of the matter. 

An authentic experience

Are you looking for a special experience that will broaden your horizons and explore your interests further? Our luxury escorts are adventurous companions who want to create lasting memories with you. Here are some of the popular experiences you can request:

● The girlfriend experience where tenderness, passion and the pleasure of being together are at the forefront.

● The first time experience to gain the experience of being intimate or to get a first experience in a peaceful way.

● The lesbian experience For women who have always wondered how sensual it could be to do it with another woman.

● The spa experience allows you to enjoy intense wellness in a Dutch spa. 

● The trio experience For those who have always wanted to dive into a bed with more than two people.

● The couple experience for a discreet intimate experience with an extra lady in bed.

● The SM experience For a first step into the world of SM or to go even further. 

You can find out more about the experiences you can request from our top escorts at The experience page

What you can expect from our top escorts

  • A pleasant and intelligent interlocutor 
  • Someone to help you discover and live your fantasies
  • An absolutely discreet experience and anonymity
  • A relaxed atmosphere where you can be yourself
  • Passionate ladies who enjoy it as much as you do

How much does a high level escort cost?

It takes a minimum of two hours to book our escorts. This way we can guarantee that it will be a relaxing evening where nothing has to happen quickly and you can take your time to relax and enjoy.  

To enjoy two hours with a companion, you need a minimum of 700,- from there you can extend the experience to several hours, nights or even a city trip of several weeks. It is also possible to book several companions at the same time. 

If you would like to know more about the prices of a booking or the additional services offered, for more information you can visit our prices page or contact Elsabelle.

Still have questions about how to book a high class escort at Eslabelle? Or do you have questions about an escort you are interested in? Then contact us without obligation and we will be happy to help you realise your wildest fantasies. 

Do you want to become a top escort yourself? There is a lot of information on our page explaining how to work as an escort.

Girlfriend Experience