At High Class Escort Service Eslabelle, we offer you the opportunity to indulge in an erotic and sensual experience. An experience where you completely escape the everyday life and remember with pleasure for a long time. We are delighted to organize a fantastic date in Düsseldorf, tailored to your wishes and desires. Treat yourself to an erotic experience and escape the routine of everyday life. Booking a high-class escort in Düsseldorf means a combination of passion and eroticism. The stylish High Class Escorts working with High Class Escort Service Eslabelle are elegant, intelligent, and highly sensual. Eslabelle elevates the value of ‘high-class’ to a higher level and surprises you with the most exclusive companions. Click here to catch a glimpse of our beautiful high-class escorts.

Secretly, everyone dreams at times of meeting a beautiful high-class escort. A passionate memory that allows you to momentarily escape the busy reality. Our high-class escorts consider it important to create a connection both physically and mentally. Why continue dreaming about something when you can make this dream come true? High Class Escort Service Eslabelle is there for all clients who only accept the very best.

View here our beautiful companions who travel to Düsseldorf:

Book a High Class Escort Düsseldorf

Why choose Eslabelle High Class Escort Service Düsseldorf? At High Class Escort Service Eslabelle, we collaborate with beautiful high-class escorts in Düsseldorf who, in addition to their own work or studies, seek more excitement. They, like you, are looking for thrill and eroticism. In public, they will be stylish, friendly, and refined, while in the bedroom, they will exude passion and excitement. Our high-class escorts are trained by Eslabelle. They, like you, are seeking excitement and adventure. If you opt for the top service of Eslabelle, you choose an intimate and passionate experience!

What to expect from our High Class Escort service in Düsseldorf

The owner of High Class Escort Service Eslabelle is Esmee, and she herself always has a high-class escort. However, she noticed that many high-class escort services do not treat their own companions at a high-class level. She saw that this could be done much better, and that is the reason why she founded High Class Escort Service Eslabelle. Our high-class escorts undergo various training sessions at Eslabelle to turn them into true professionals. If you choose Eslabelle’s service, you opt for top service, namely:

  • Personal and friendly contact
  • Full attention to your wishes
  • Customer satisfaction score of an impressive 98.9%
  • Our photos are not edited
  • Personal data is not stored or shared
  • Required licenses and 100% legal
  • The high-class escort ladies are beautiful, intelligent, and passionate

What to expect from our High Class Escorts in Düsseldorf?

All the ladies we represent are, of course, all different. However, we have a very strict selection process. All high-class escorts you see on the website are without a doubt our business card. They all meet the following criteria:

  • Pursued or completed higher education
  • Has a stunning and breathtaking appearance
  • Possesses excellent communication skills
  • Loves seduction, teasing, pleasing, and more
  • Is well-groomed, elegant, and has good fashion taste

Experience the Girlfriend Experience with your High Class Escort in Düsseldorf

Our high-class escorts in Düsseldorf are all stunningly beautiful and exude pure class. Our high-class escort ladies in Düsseldorf all offer a passionate and sincere Girlfriend Experience, making it feel like they are your real girlfriend. At High Class Escort Bureau Eslabelle, you will find reliable and genuine companions. They, like you, are looking for an evening full of excitement, adventure, and eroticism.

Experience a Trio with our High Class Escorts in Düsseldorf!

Has a “Trio Experience” always been on your wishlist, and would you like to see this dream come true? At High Class Escort Service Eslabelle, you can choose from one or more high-class escort ladies (in Düsseldorf) who are more than happy to help fulfill this dream. Make all your fantasies discussable, and our high-class escorts will ensure that it becomes an experience you will never forget. Are you ready to turn the dream of many into reality? Experience a fantastic “Trio Experience” in Düsseldorf today. Why dream of an experience when it can come true?

First Time Experience with your High Class Escort in Düsseldorf

Have you had little or no experience in intimacy so far? Together with our high-class escort ladies, you can change this! We are happy to arrange a meeting with one of our high-class escorts that you will never forget. But even if you have a lot of experience, the ‘First Time Experience’ is still for you. During the ‘First Time Experience,’ you will feel completely at ease, as our companions are understanding, sweet, and patient.

An Experience you both share: Couple Experience in Düsseldorf

Would you like to explore your sexual boundaries together with your partner and boost your sex life? At High Class Escort Service Eslabelle, it is possible to book a high-class escort as a couple. To bring your fantasies to reality together with one of our beautiful companions. This erotic gift that you experience together will bring both of you to sensual and intimate heights that neither you nor your partner will ever forget.

The perfect match with a High Class Escort in Düsseldorf?

We find it very important to give you an experience that you will never forget and an experience that will surpass all your expectations. We therefore ask you to make all your wishes known so that we can organize a completely customized date with one of our beautiful companions. Do you prefer an exciting encounter in a luxury hotel suite or a romantic dinner for two in a culinary restaurant? Everything is possible! Tell us your wishes, and we will ensure the perfect match. Read here everything about our matchmaking. All our dates are always personalized.

Make your High Class Escort date in Düsseldorf even more exciting!

Make your high-class escort date in Düsseldorf even more exciting! Our beautiful high-class escorts regularly undergo training to offer you the ultimate experience. Like you, they enjoy seeking a bit of extra excitement during a date. Did you know, for example, that all our high-class escorts in Düsseldorf are not only beautiful but also skilled in the art of (erotic) massage? Moreover, many of them are happy to go a step further to increase the excitement during your meeting.

Discover the extra services offered by our high-class escorts in Düsseldorf by viewing their individual profiles. Here you will find a concise overview of the exciting extras you can experience during your date in Düsseldorf. Surprise yourself and enjoy an unforgettable experience with our passionate high-class escorts in Düsseldorf.

Lingerie party

Experience the thrill of admiring a breathtakingly beautiful woman in her favorite lingerie set. Our high-class escort will bring at least 3 luxurious lingerie sets, which she will show you in a detailed and erotic manner. Did you know that you can also shop wonderfully in Düsseldorf? Go shopping together with your high-class escort in Düsseldorf. Together, you will buy a set, and in your hotel room, she will specially put on this set for you!

Erotic massage

All our high-class escort ladies receive a course on erotic massages from High Class Escort Service Eslabelle. No extra charges are incurred for an erotic massage. Enjoy and relax with an intimate erotic massage during a date with your high-class escort.

Role play

Role play is a great way to create extra tension and excitement. During a role play, you can let your imagination work and turn erotic ideas into reality.

Fetish & Fantasy

Our high-class escorts love to think “out of the box” so that you can fully experience your fantasy. The high-class escort understands your desires and enjoys discovering and getting to know them.


BDSM is a fantasy that revolves around dominance combined with bondage and experiencing pain. It is a way to momentarily give up control and fully surrender to one of our gorgeous high-class escorts.

Treat yourself during your High Class Escort date in Düsseldorf

Are you looking for an extra addition to get even more out of your date? You can opt for a ‘Sexy Gift’ package to explore all your sensual and intimate boundaries. The package consists of various toys that will stimulate and inspire you and that you can try together. With the ‘Sexy Gifts,’ you make the date even more special!

We offer as many as four different packages:

  • Girlfriend Experience (GFE)
  • Pornstar Experience (PSE)
  • (BD)SM Experience
  • First Time Experience

The content of the package remains a surprise, but it is certain that it will be an absolute addition to your date. The items will take your date to a higher level in terms of excitement and intimacy.

Can’t wait to make your dreams come true? Give yourself a sensual, beautiful, and intimate gift and choose a high-class escort from High Class Escort Service Eslabelle in Düsseldorf. This experience is one that many others will envy.

Do you have a special request for your date in Düsseldorf?

Would you like to book an extra service that is not listed among the above extra services? Contact us, and we will explore the possibilities together.

Enjoy and relax with your High Class Escort in Düsseldorf

Would you like to combine luxury with pleasure? Then take your high-class escort to the Vabali Spa. When you are here, you will feel like you are no longer in Düsseldorf but in Bali! This luxury wellness complex is entirely dedicated to Bali. The tasteful decor and tropical ambiance transport you directly to the island. This spa is particularly special because it is located by the Eibsee, providing a breathtaking view. There are as many as 12 saunas and multiple pools.

7 Dating tips for a date with your High Class Escort in Düsseldorf!

When you go on a date with your High Class Escort in Düsseldorf, you have many different options to enjoy each other’s company. Do you want to dine in a luxury haute-cuisine restaurant or at an exclusive location? Are you looking for the best five-star hotel in the city? Below, we have listed 7 different date ideas so you can gain inspiration for the perfect date with your High Class Escort from Eslabelle. A date should not only be intimate, but you should also have a fun experience together and feel a good connection. We have selected some atmospheric and sensual locations for you.

On a dinner date to Schloss Bensberg in Bergisch Gladbach

If you want to take your high-class escort on a date to Schloss Bensberg, be sure to make a reservation in advance. This renowned restaurant not only offers a luxurious appearance and decor but also excellent food. Enjoy a delicious glass of champagne here with your high-class escort and get to know each other better.

Entertainment at Seifen Horst in the heart of Düsseldorf

Do you love delicious food and entertainment during dinner? Then visit Seifen Horst in Düsseldorf! In this restaurant, you can not only enjoy unique dishes but also live music. This makes it a perfect place to enjoy a romantic dinner with your high-class escort and start the evening in a relaxed way.

InterContinental Hotel in Düsseldorf

Are you looking for a beautiful five-star hotel to go to with your High Class Escort? Then definitely go to the InterContinental Hotel. Here, you can not only enjoy a cozy night away, but the hotel also offers wellness options and various other packages to choose from. In this hotel, you and your companion will undoubtedly have a beautiful experience, starting with a visit to the wellness center, after which you can go to one of the luxurious suites together.

Dinner date at Kesselhaus Düsseldorf

Another special restaurant in Düsseldorf is Kesselhaus. This restaurant offers a beautiful ambiance and serves top-notch dishes. It is a perfect place if you want to enjoy delicious culinary specialties with your High Class Escort.

Experience a fantastic overnight stay at Breidenbacher Hof

Breidenbacher Hof is a luxurious five-star hotel and is ideally located close to the chic shopping street Königsallee. This hotel is perfect for getting to know each other better on a physical level in a luxurious and atmospheric environment. Do you want to gradually increase the tension between you and your High Class Escort? Then definitely try out the jacuzzi together!

Hautecuisine Im Schiffchen

Im Schiffchen is a Michelin-starred restaurant and the perfect place for a date with your High Class Escort. This luxurious restaurant serves exquisite French dishes and also has a great wine list.

Victorian Restaurant in Düsseldorf

In the heart of Düsseldorf, you will find the beautiful haute-cuisine restaurant Victorian. You can come here for a delicious lunch or dinner, but also for a nice drink. They also offer private dining, allowing you and your High Class Escort to truly enjoy each other’s company. A dinner in this restaurant will certainly be the perfect start to your evening together.

Overnight with your High Class Escort in Düsseldorf

After an evening full of connection, it could be disappointing to have to go home again. There is nothing better than after a delightful dinner to seek the highlights in your hotel suite and end the evening in an intimate way. Cuddle up in bed in one of the many beautiful hotels in Düsseldorf and discover each other’s intimate spots.

Discreet hotel check-in Service in Düsseldorf

Do you need extra discretion? Or perhaps you don’t have time to book a hotel in Düsseldorf. Some of our clients simply cannot afford a reservation in their name. Especially for these clients, we have the hotel check-in service. When booking your escort in Düsseldorf, you can indicate that you want to use our Hotel Check-in Service. Perhaps you already have a beautiful hotel in mind in Düsseldorf? Otherwise, we are happy to explore the possibilities with you. Your high-class escort will already check in at the hotel. You will receive instructions from us later that day, such as the room number and the like. Everything is arranged to perfection for you.

Business trip or vacation with a High Class Escort

Whether you are on a business trip, celebrating a vacation, or just going away for a weekend, with a high-class escort lady by your side, every occasion becomes an unforgettable experience. Wherever you go, our companions are ready to accompany you to your destination, whether it’s a business event or a relaxing holiday.

With a high-class escort lady from Eslabelle, you never have to travel alone. Let us be your travel partner and enjoy the luxury of having your dream woman by your side. Our escorts in Düsseldorf are available for both national and international bookings, making almost anything possible at Eslabelle. Enjoy romance, passion, and more with a beautiful companion by your side. Make every (business) trip a special and precious experience!

Book a High Class Escort in Düsseldorf

Booking one or more of our high-class escorts (in Düsseldorf) can be done with literally one click. You can use the booking form or call us at phone number +31633336375.

  • Step 1: Choose one or more of our high-class escorts
  • Step 2: Fill in the booking form or call us
  • Step 3: We confirm the booking, and you can enjoy a fantastic date!

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