At Eslabelle we take care of bookings throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Are you going on a business trip, holiday, weekend away, city trip or do you have another good reason to go out? With a companion of Eslabelle it will be a journey never to forget. Let the adventure begin! Where is your trip going? We would like to hear your wishes and provide you with the perfect ‘travel’ companion. Most high-class escort girls like to travel with you. Enjoy culture, luxury, architecture and culinary indulgences together with your dream companion. Most high-class escort girls of Eslabelle are available for international bookings within and outside Europe. Because we only represent companions who do not work full-time as high-class escort girls (they are career women or students), it is highly recommended to plan a meeting abroad as early as possible. It is also pleasant for the companion of your choice if she has enough time to prepare for your time together.

Girlfriend experience

High-class escort during your business trip.

For many of our clients, business trips are the rule rather than the exception. Are you planning a business trip soon? During the day, you are probably busy with various appointments. But in the evening it often happens that you are alone in your hotel room. How nice it is after a hard day’s work that your favourite high-class escort is waiting for you in the hotel room. Where she has already filled up the bathtub and chilled the champagne. Of course she can also stay the night with you, or stay the entire business trip with you. While you are working during the day, your companion can prepare for the evening. Perhaps explore the surroundings and then make a reservation for a very nice restaurant. Is your working day not yet finished and is a business dinner planned? All companions that Eslabelle represents are educated in etiquette, discrete, intelligent and eloquent which makes them extremely suitable for a business dinner.


Romantic city trip with your high-class escort

Many of our high-class escorts love to travel and do so in their private lives. They love to discover a new city together with you. Explore together the beautiful culture, architecture, art, nightlife and much more. You will explore together the most romantic places of the city and of course each other. Whatever your wishes, at Eslabelle we will make them come true.

A business trip to the Netherlands!

You are doing business in AmsterdamRotterdamZwolleUtrecht or another city in the Netherlands? Our guides will make your business trip to the Netherlands an unforgettable experience! All our companions are of Dutch origin and therefore live in different cities in the Netherlands. During the day, they will be happy to show you around the city. After your special City-Tour you can enjoy a meal in one of the many restaurants in the Netherlands. Afterwards, you will finish the tour in your hotel suite! 

If you wish, we can also reserve a beautiful suite for you. 

Werken als high escort companion

Make an international booking with one of our incredible luxury escorts today!

Your dream date abroad can be arranged in no time! Fill in the booking form or contact us on +3133336375 and we will tailor a perfect date for you. We like to have a long term relationship with our clients, we will give you a great experience that you will remember for a long time.  Why dream of an experience when you can live it?

Eslabelle understands only too well that choosing between all our beautiful, high class escorts can be very difficult. We are happy to help you! Contact us and we will be happy to help you choose the perfect match. Eslabelle knows all the high class escorts inside out, so if you have any questions about the character or other specific questions, we can tell you everything. Curious? Take a look at all of our high class escorts’ profiles.

Treat yourself to a beautiful, sensual and sincere top class escort from Eslabelle. Why dream of something if you can make it a reality. Genuine interest, sociability, passion, sensuality and plenty of abandon! An experience with one of our escorts is an unforgettable experience! 

International Girlfriend Experience GFE

All escorts are definitely the perfect date! During the date you will feel like you are with your girlfriend. Our companions find it just as important as you to establish a real (h)connection. Whatever your plans are: you want to go to a fancy party, a romantic dinner or you want company on an international booking, anything is possible! After all, travelling together is much more fun than travelling alone! An international booking can be arranged in no time. Our top escorts are happy to travel with you! Thanks to our extensive experience in this field, an international booking can be arranged in no time! We also have several contacts with concierge services, who will be happy to help you plan your entire (business) trip. Naturally, all this is done with the utmost discretion! Your privacy is always our priority. Eslabelle is there for all clients who like to enjoy the high standards of life. We like to offer you a high level of service, surprising you again and again. 

Within Europe

The minimum booking time for a booking within Europe always depends on the location and the mode of travel. For most European destinations we apply a minimum booking duration of 8 to 12 hours. Please note that if there is no possibility for the companion to travel back to the Netherlands on the same day, she must be booked for at least one night.

Outside Europe

The minimum booking time for international bookings outside Europe is 24 to 48 hours, this always depends on the location and travel time. For bookings outside Europe, our companions only travel by air. The flight of the high-class escort should preferably be direct. If this is not possible, we will choose a flight with as few stops in between as possible. For direct flights with a duration of up to 8 hours, Economy Class is sufficient. For flights longer than 8 hours, Business or First Class is required.

Vereisten voor Internationale boekingen! 

Nieuwe klanten: Internationale boekingen met nieuwe klanten vereisen een extra screening. De veiligheid van onze companions gaat namelijk altijd voor! De extra screening wordt met u doorgenomen wanneer u contact met Eslabelle opneemt. 

Minimum boeking: De minimale boekingsduur van een internationale boeking verschilt per land, uw wensen en reistijd van onze high-class escorts. Dit wordt met u afgestemd wanneer u contact met ons opneemt! 

Tarieven en aanbetaling: De tarieven ( verwijzing tarieven) die vermeld staan op onze website zijn ook van toepassing op internationale boekingen. Hier komen nog wel reiskosten van uw escort bij maar dit is afhankelijk van de locatie waar ze heen gaat. Een aanbetaling is vereist via een bank overschrijving. Deze aanbetaling zal bestaan uit 100% de reiskosten van de companion en 50% van het boekingstarief. Indien u wenst kunt u ook een 100% aanbetaling doen. Na ontvangst van uw (aan)betaling zullen we alles voor u in orde maken. Uit privacy overwegingen is het niet mogelijk voor klanten om de reisbescheiden van onze high-class escorts te boeken. Eslabelle zal dit volledig op haar nemen. 

Veiligheid: Onze high-class escorts bezoeken geen landen waar een negatief reisadvies voor geldt, met een overheersende religie of andere grote ongelijkheid tussen mannen en vrouwen. 

Internationale boekingen

Tips van onze high-class escorts voor international boekingen! 

Planning: Het merendeel van onze high-class escorts heeft naast dit werk een ‘normale’ baan of volgt een studie. Daarom wordt het zeer gewaardeerd als ze minimaal 72 uur van te voren de internationale boeking plaatst! 

Verwachtingen: Onze companions zullen er alles aan doen om u een onvergetelijke tijd te bezorgen. Zij willen andersom ook graag met respect en hoffelijkheid behandeld worden. Geef ons alstublieft door wat uw verwachtingen zijn tijdens uw vakantie. Op die manier kan ze zich optimaal voorbereiden. Activiteiten tijdens een vakantie kunnen namelijk erg verschillen en vergen dan ook andere kleding of voorbereiding zoals: strandvakantie, Skivakantie, actieve vakantie etc. het is fijn als ze dit van te voren weet. 

Veiligheid: Onze companions zullen elke dag even kort contact met Eslabelle hebben. Veiligheid staat bij ons zeer hoog in het vaandel. 

Comfort: Onze high-class escorts dienen elke dag minimaal 3 maaltijden te kunnen nuttigen op uw kosten. Ook dient het hotel of verblijf waar jullie heen gaan minimaal te voldoen aan 4 sterren. 

Rust en ontspanning: Ook onze high-class escorts hebben zo nu en dan hun rust en ontspanning nodig. Daarom vragen wij u ervoor te zorgen dat uw high-class escort minimaal 6 uur per nacht ongestoord kan slapen. Bij een boeking van 24 uur of langer is vereist dat onze companion(s)  minimaal 2 uur per dag privé tijd hebben die zij uiteraard zelf mogen indelen. Dit kan zijn het onderhouden van contact met het thuisfront (privé en werk/studie). 

Heeft u vragen of is er iets anders waar we u mee kunnen helpen? Neem dan contact met ons op en wij helpen u graag!