How nice that you are interested in joining High Class Escort Service Eslabelle. We are always looking for new high-class escorts who love the art of seduction, excitement and eroticism as much as we do. It is important to us that you want to work with us as a high-class escort, because you like the adventure and are ready for some extra excitement. It is not possible to work full-time with us as a high-class escort. You should see the financial benefits mainly as a side income. At High Class Escort Agency Eslabelle, we believe that you get the most out of your bookings if you do this as an addition to your current career or studies. Otherwise, it will soon start to feel like ‘work’. Can you totally identify with the following terms: class, discretion, adventure and seduction. Then apply using our application form below and become a high-class escort with Eslabelle!

You are the most important thing!

It is very important to us that you feel completely at home at Eslabelle. We will therefore never throw you in at the proverbial ‘deep end’ and take you on a guidance course of at least 3 weeks. In it, you will receive a crash course: ‘how to become a high-class escort’, communication skills, etiquette standards and, of course, I will also explain everything about the art of seduction. Especially in this industry, it is extra important that you feel at home with Eslabelle. 

At Eslabelle, we always make sure that your safety is paramount and that you get to run dates with our trusted and pleasant clientele. You don’t have to address me with terms like boss. It is best to think of me as a mentor who is there for you at all times. You can see Eslabelle as your personal planner, your coach, your negotiator, administrative assistant and, above all, your guarantee of a safe and fun booking.

Application process

You’re out! You want to become a high-class escort. Once you have sent us your application, Eslabelle will always handle it with the utmost discretion. We will review your application letter internally and if we think you are a good match for Eslabelle, we will invite you for a face-to-face interview. This interview will last about 30 minutes and is mainly to see if we are a good fit for each other. I will also tell you all about our working methods and expectations. If we are both positive about this conversation, I will invite you to the office. After which you can sign the contract. Then you can start the training programme. In this programme, you learn how to become the perfect high-class escort. In theory, you could make your first booking within 1 month of applying. The application form is at the bottom of the page.


What do you need to meet to work as a High Class Escort:

Experience is certainly not required, every lady who applies at Eslabelle will always be given a fair chance. Besides the obvious characteristics such as a positive appearance and a classy, stylish and groomed appearance, you can be considered if: 

● You are at least 21 years old and not older than 50.

● You are working or studying at least MBO 4 Level.

● You take good care of your body by eating healthy and exercising occasionally. Your body must therefore be in (healthy) proportion.

● It is your own decision to work as a high-class escort and is under no compulsion.

● You are good at holding a conversation on a level and you know how to excite your interlocutor.

● You are empathetic, playful, and adventurous.

● You love the art of seduction.

● You do NOT want to work at Eslabelle because of lack of money.

● You also speak fluent Dutch and (preferably) speak English or another Western language such as (Spanish,German, French ETC.)

Werken als high-class escort
Werken als high-class escort

What else is required to work as a High Class Escort?

● You have a European passport and BSN number.

● You have a healthy build (Clothing size 34 to size 42).

● You have no or few tattoos. If you do have tattoos, they are small and you can cover them.

● Your body shows no or minimal signs of any pregnancy.

● You like to dress stylishly and elegantly.

● You have a driving licence and preferably also a car.

You can set and monitor your limits in a correct way.

You are always punctual.

● Your strength is seducing someone naturally.

As a High Class Escort, you are, the total picture!

At Eslabelle, it’s all about the total picture. This is determined by a formula of looks, character and your own style, which make you a true high-class escort. Your sex appeal is determined by several factors namely: ‘You know how to interest and intrigue others around you with your appearance and personality’. You also have a genuine interest in the world and the people around you. Character, style, class, elegance and a naughty edge are the key traits you need if you, want to enter the high end of Eslabelle.

If you do want to work for another agency pay attention to the following alarm signals so that you can work in a safe and enjoyable way:

  • There are agencies that offer blowjobs without a condom. You can recognise this by the abbreviation PZC. You can catch an STI from giving blowjobs without a condom. The agency should also inform you about STI prevention. 
  • Make sure you always work with a legal High Class Escort agency. You can tell it is a legal escort agency if they have all the necessary licences. This is usually mentioned on the website. 
  • Do not take off your clothes if an agency asks you to do so during the application process. This is inappropriate because they see you at that moment and because they have already received photos of you. In those photos, they have already been able to assess your figure. 
  • Do not be forced to do certain things when you do not support them. If you don’t want something, the agency should accept your limits.
  • You should always be left with more than 50% of your earnings. It is also weird if another lady earns more than you. Prices should not differ per escort. Also, a High Class Escort agency should be transparent about the prices they charge. Can’t you find this anywhere on the website? Then something is usually wrong. 
  • Does an agency talk badly about other high-class escorts? Then they probably do the same about you. Make sure you choose a nice working atmosphere! Both the work and the atmosphere should always remain fun for you! 

Contact op nemen met Eslabelle

Working as a High Class Escort:

Have you become enthusiastic after reading and want to become a high-class escort at Eslabelle. Then fill in the application form below completely truthfully. If your application form is not filled in completely or truthfully, it will not be processed by Eslabelle. Please tell as extensively as possible who you are and why you would like to work as a high-class escort. At the bottom of the form, please upload some recent and representative photos of yourself (without filter). At least one photo close-up (face) and two of your entire body in bikini or lingerie. If you have not received a response from Eslabelle after 5 days, please check your spam box or contact.





    In order to process your application, we would like to receive some photos of you.

    NB! We cannot process your application if:

    • If you send photos with a filter

    • You do not submit a clear photo on which we cannot assess your body (this may also be in sportswear).

    • We also do not receive nude photos.

      • If you are unable to send in the application form, please send an email to with your application.