At Eslabelle we have a 100% safe sex policy. This means that all high-class escorts representing us are trained to have safe sex. The safe sex policy means that for oral, vaginal and anal sex, a condom should always be used. Our ladies are trained for safe sex. They carry condoms in different sizes at all times. However, it is wise to inform us of any special wishes prior to booking. Think of latex allergy or a specific preference for condoms with a ripple, taste or size. 

Safe Seks Beleid

Oral sex

We can be very brief about requests for oral sex without a condom: these will always be answered with ‘no’. Not even if you have recently had an STI test. Oral sex with the woman can take place without a dental flap. This is based on the health risks of the GGD. Should you prefer to use a rubber bandage, this is no problem, our ladies always have one with them.

STI test

All ladies are regularly tested by the GGD. However, we cannot give you any information about the test results of our ladies. This is confidential information and is against the privacy laws. If you have any other questions, you can always email us at We are happy to help!