Prior to a booking with one of our fantastic ladies, we would like to draw your attention to our customer etiquette. Possibly you apply the points below naturally, but for those who have little or no experience with high-class ladies, it may be a helping hand. Our high-class escorts are very fond of a real gentleman/woman. Our high-class escorts will do everything to give you a great experience. They can therefore certainly appreciate it when you do the same. 



All ladies working at Eslabelle will at all times appear on your date fresh, clean-shaven and very hygienic. They make sure they look fantastic and stylish every time. We and our ladies expect you to make the same effort for them. Do you have any wishes regarding lingerie or clothing? Let us know your wishes in advance and we will make sure she arrives on your date in style. 



Most customers receive our ladies at home or in a hotel. If you receive her at your home, it is very important that your house is tidy and hygienic. Our high-class escorts also appreciate it when you light a candle or make it cosy in any other way. Another tip is to already have her favourite drink cold. You can find this on the profiles of our high-class escorts. 

During your date

If you have just met, it is nice if you first take the time to get to know each other better on an intellectual level. Our high-class escort girls can appreciate it when you try to make a real connection during the date, just like they do. It is also very much appreciated if you have her favourite drink ready. If our lady does not drink alcoholic beverages, do not insist on it. Our high-class escorts are fun of their own accord. Some topics of conversation are rather avoided by you or our lady(s), please indicate this so you can respect each other. Keep the atmosphere relaxed and light-hearted.

(Cash) Payment

When paying by cash, please ensure that the agreed amount is handed over to the lady within the first 15 minutes of booking in an opened envelope. Your companion may count the money, she will probably choose to do this discreetly.  It is of course also possible to pay in advance by means of a bank transfer or payment request. If you choose this option, all communication goes through Eslabelle and you do not have to discuss the payment with the lady.

Boundaries & respect

Just as you have certain limits, so do our ladies. Our clients are expected to respect the boundaries of our ladies at all times. You are expected not to be heavily under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the start of the booking, in order to prevent undesirable situations. Offering drugs or insisting on using them to our high-class escorts is also not permitted. Mutual respect and trust is very important and therefore we expect you to respect her boundaries and not try to discredit her by extracting her private information or crossing her boundaries in any other way.


Our ladies are very discreet with your privacy, we expect you to do the same the other way around. Giving away your business card to make a private appointment with a lady outside the agency is not appreciated. Our ladies have chosen to be represented by us so that their privacy is properly guaranteed and we like to keep it that way. If you make an appointment in the residence of the companion you have booked, please take into account that she will most likely not be able to walk hand in hand with you in public, nor kiss you in public. This is to be able to keep her double life a secret from her surroundings. Our high-class escorts will more than compensate for this in the hotel room. If it comes to our attention that you have insisted on private contact with one of our ladies, we will address you about this behaviour. If you choose to repeat this again and again, we can no longer be of service to you.

Girlfriend Experience


Our high-class escorts will do everything to reach a true climax with you. Of course, we expect the same commitment from you. This will result in a true pleasure for both of you and an unforgettable experience. Our ladies are very fond of their physical health and therefore do everything to keep themselves fit and healthy. They will never risk their physical health by performing services without a condom. Our ladies work exclusively and only according to the Safe Sex policy. This means that they only perform services with a condom. This concerns anal, vaginal and oral sex. Any form of unsafe sex must be refused by the lady in accordance with our policy. It is forbidden to offer the lady extra money for unsafe sexual acts. If it comes to our attention that you are violating this rule, we will no longer serve you.

Extra Services 

If you want an extra service that the lady does not offer, it will not happen. This is not negotiable, no really means no. Also, this does not contribute to a passionate date for both. If you want a service that is offered by the lady, you have to pay an extra rate. If you decide to use an extra service during the booking, you need to pay the lady before the service is provided.

Providing (in)correct information

It goes without saying that we treat our customers’ data with the utmost discretion. In order to be able to make a booking for you, we ask you to truthfully provide your details to Eslabelle. If you have any wishes or preferences, we would like to know this in advance. We need this information to arrange the perfect date for you. Every lady is different and not every lady provides the same services. By letting us know your wishes and desires in time, we can make the perfect match for you. Mutual trust is very important to Eslabelle, we guarantee the safety of our high-class escorts and therefore we need to know who you are. This means that we want to know your first and last name beforehand. We also ask a deposit for new customers. We hope for your understanding. More information on the protection of your data and our privacy policy can be found on our website  

The end of the booking

In the last 15 minutes, we will contact the lady to inform her that the booking is about to expire. You will also be given the opportunity to extend the booking. If you wish to extend the booking, you must first arrange payment for the extra hour(s). As soon as the transaction is completed, the extension hours start. Extending the booking is always done in consultation with us and the lady. Do you extend the booking within the first half hour? Then you will benefit from the discount rates as indicated on the website. The last 15 minutes of the booking are meant to give the lady the opportunity to freshen up and get ready for departure. She walks in like a lady and she leaves like a lady. In these last 15 minutes, it is not desirable to force yourself on the lady.

Extra information 

Take your time for each other. Our ladies are sincerely interested in you and want to get to know you first. You will feel this connection later during the intimate part. It may be that you have not booked a Dinner Date, this is of course entirely up to you. It may be that after 4 to 5 hours the lady has become hungry. Make sure you ask her every now and then if she wants something to eat or drink. In case of an overnight stay our ladies can appreciate a breakfast!

Tipping & gifts

In all likelihood, you are very satisfied with your companion. Of course you may tip her. This is not expected by our high-class escorts but always greatly appreciated! The tip is only for the lady and is not deducted by the agency. Instead of a tip, you can also give a present as a token of your appreciation. You are free to contact Eslabelle to share your experience, maybe you are so satisfied that you want to make a new booking immediately. Of course it is possible that you have some remarks, we would like to hear them so we can keep innovating our way of working.

Unpleasant surprises during a booking with a high-class escort

  • A customer who immediately wants to move on to the intimate part is not appreciated. At Eslabelle we offer a special and intimate experience where eroticism is part of but not the only part. By almost immediately moving on to the intimate part of the date, you do not only shortchange our high-class escort but also yourself. Your booking will be limited to the erotic aspect and you will miss the rest of the experience. You will also give our high-class escort the feeling that you are not interested in her as a person. All this will not help the date. Tip: Take the time to get to know each other better!
  • Our ladies are generally very pleased with the general hygiene of our clients. A Dinner Date is great. It is recommended to brush your teeth after a Dinner Date. Too often we hear from our ladies that they did not enjoy kissing because the client did not smell fresh from his mouth.
  • As mentioned above, it is compulsory to shave or trim your pubic area. Our ladies always come to you clean-shaven and fresh. They expect this also the other way around. For more information, please view the customer etiquette.
  • Booking our high-class escorts can be seen as a gift that you give yourself. Quality costs money. Do not shorten the experience by whining about ‘how expensive it is’ in front of our ladies. This will not do the atmosphere any good. Enjoy the time you have together.
  • You can learn from trying! Like everything else, it is practice that makes perfect. Our high-class escorts will be happy to go on an erotic journey of discovery with you, to find out what you both like. So take feedback to heart. If one of our high-class escorts asks if you can do it a little softer, harder or in a different way, do so. Every woman is different and therefore every woman has a different erotic preference.
  • Then the last tip! A long foreplay is always very nice for our ladies. This will ensure a sparkling climax for you as well as for her.

Our ladies may terminate the booking prematurely at any time if essential points of this guideline are not complied with.

Have a great time just like our high-class escorts!