Dirty talk is always combined with our Pornstar Experience!

Dirty talk is a very underrated technique for arousing lust. Many men and women fear that it sounds stupid. And how can you be sure your high-class escort won’t get offended by your lust-inducing dirty talk lyrics? In this column, we tell you how to become an expert in dirty talk! 

Dirty Talk can be arousing: 

Dirty talk can increase sexual arousal by creating erotic tension and highlighting sexual desires and fantasies.

Dirty Talk can increase intimacy: 

Sharing sexual thoughts and fantasies can create a sense of intimacy and connection between partners.

Dirty Talk can increase your self-confidence: 

Dirty talk can help increase feelings of self-confidence. This is because Dirty Talk helps in expressing needs. This can be very liberating! 

Dirty talk can play a role in exploring sexual preferences: 

Dirty talk allows people to explore and communicate their sexual preferences and boundaries with their high-class escort, allowing them to have a better sexual experience together.

Dirty talk and the Pornstar Experience: Dirty talk makes a Pornstar Experience even more exciting and intimate!

Tips for Dirty talk with your High Class Escort

Communicate this in advance! 

When you suddenly communicate out of the blue from dirty talk, it can come across as inappropriate. This may not help the atmosphere between you and your high-class escort. Choose the right setting! You can also tell your high-class escort that you find it exciting to try out some dirty talk during intimacy. You can also indicate to Eslabelle in advance that you would like to experiment with dirty talk. Then your high-class escort will know about it beforehand and she can start dirty talk herself during the date. 

Confidence in dirty talk 

If you opt for dirty talk, do so with some form of self-confidence. You do this by pronouncing it as if you mean it. If you do it with a hesitation in your voice, it will not come across as credible.  

Are you submissive or dominant? 

It can be very exciting to be more dominant. But also to give your high-class escort the space to be dominant over you. If you are dominant, you can give your high-class escort sexy or exciting orders. “Get on top of me”, love me etc. 

Explore each other 

Find out where your high-class escort’s boundaries are (in a respectful way). Some are fine with you calling her naughty or naughty, others may have to get used to this. 

Dirty talk from porn? 

Almost everyone watches porn, whether you are a man or a woman. Maybe you and you high-class escort sometimes watch porn? 

Texts like, ‘I like it so much when you stick your big cock in my tight pussy’, are not very original. In fact, your high-class escort probably thinks you rehearsed it for sex.  

Keep Dirty Talk  simple 

Just keep it simple and mean! For example: ‘harder’, ‘yes’, ‘take me’ etc. 

Finally, enjoy your date! 

Most importantly, enjoy yourself during a date with your high-class escort.