Most people have heard of tantric sex. Many people think that it is sex “without touching”, but this is not quite true. Tantric sex is much more than that. At least if it is experienced in the right way. To introduce you to this, Eslabelle offers you the “Tantra Experience”. You will have the experience of a lifetime with one of our top-class escorts. Below we explain what the “Tantra Experience” is and what Tantra is in general.

What is the Tantra experience?

In order to explain the Tantra Experience, it is important to first know what exactly Tantra sex is. Tantra sex is an ancient tradition in Hinduism and has been around for over 5,000 years. The word Tantra literally means “connection and expansion of energy”. Instead of just sex, Tantra focuses a lot on the intimacy that surrounds it. 

In this form of sex, tension builds up very slowly, allowing you to feel more intimacy and the orgasm also lasts longer. In Tantric sex, tension is built up in such a way that it increases the sense of intimacy and also creates a deeper connection between your body and mind. Both of these aspects ensure that you will experience orgasm much more intensely than in ordinary sex. Usually an orgasm during “normal” sex lasts a few seconds at most, but by having a much more intense preparation with tantric sex, you can ensure that the orgasm will last much longer.

So, by choosing the “Tantra Experience”, you will feel a much greater sense of intimacy, with a much more intense and lasting orgasm at the end. Most importantly here, you will feel a deep connection with Eslabelle’s high end escort. You will feel a sense of connection and intimacy, which will only make the experience more enjoyable. During the “Tantra Experience”, you will not only seek intimacy, but do many things around it. For example, you may touch and massage each other gently, wash and kiss each other intimately. All of this is to enable you to achieve the level of intimacy necessary for a successful “Tantra Experience”.

An appointment with the Tantra Experience

Many people are curious about Tantra sex, but often have no idea where to start. Of course, you can try Tantra sex with your partner, but it is far from easy to reach that level of intimacy and build up to an intense and prolonged orgasm. A professional like our high-end escorts can often do this. They know exactly what it takes to connect with you and have the ultimate “Tantra Experience” together. Some of our top escorts already have a lot of experience in this field and know exactly how to give you the ultimate Tantra experience.

At Eslabelle, we also have a few companions who have mastered the art of Tantra. They know exactly what to do to slowly build up the tension, so that you end up with a fierce and prolonged orgasm. Thanks to their experience, they can make you feel perfectly comfortable during the “Tantra Experience” and will make sure that you reach the right level of intimacy together. In addition, our high-level escorts will guide you during the “Tantra Experience”. It is also quite understandable that you prefer to share your experience with someone who is also new to it. This too is not a problem at all. In fact, at Eslabelle we also have many companions who would like to share this first experience with you. If you are curious about this, please contact us and we can look for the perfect match.

During the Tantra Experience, you will not only seek intimacy with our high-class escort, but quite the opposite. Our high class escort will make you feel completely comfortable and relaxed. To promote intimacy, you and your partner can, for example, massage each other, explore each other in the shower, touch each other and kiss.

Tantra Experience

Tantra Forms

Tantra sex also takes many forms. In fact, there are several levels of Tantra sex that you can choose from at the Tantra Experience.

Tantra level 1;

The first level is relaxation. Here our companion will offer you a wonderful “Tantra massage”. During this massage, the main objective is that you relax completely. You will also notice that the “Tantra massage” is even slower and gentler than an erotic massage. Indeed, the objective here is to allow the excitement to spread slowly throughout your body. For this level, a 3 hour booking would be best.

Tantra level 2: 

The second level of Tantra sex is the introduction, or the lighter Tantra Experience. Here, our high-level escort will ensure that you feel additional intimacy and connection. She will achieve this by adapting the environment appropriately and doing the right exercises. A 5 hour booking would be best suited to this level to fully achieve the objective.

Tantra level 3: 

Level 3 of the Tantra Experience is the advanced level. Here you and our companion will feel deeply connected on a spiritual level. During the Tantra Experience, our high level escort will ensure that the inner energy is slowly stimulated. It would be best to make 2 bookings of at least 5 hours to get an optimal feeling.

Tantra level 4:

Finally, there is Level 4 of the Tantra Experience where you will experience orgasm throughout your body. In this way, Eslabelle’s companion will gradually turn you on more and more until you experience an intense and prolonged orgasm. To achieve this intense orgasm, we at Eslabelle recommend taking 3 reservations of at least 5 hours at a time.

How to book the Tantra Experience?

To book the Tantra Experience, you can do several things. For example, you can enter your details and preferences on the Eslabelle website. We will then set to work to find the perfect companion to meet all your requirements. You can also contact us by phone to make an appointment. Finally, you can also send us a Whatsapp message (+3133336375), after which we will contact you as soon as possible. We also charge an extra €50 for the Tantra Experience in Eslabelle.