Perhaps a strange question to ask a luxury escort agency: what can I book your luxury escort for? Yet we regularly receive these questions. Are you wondering what is possible? Or what you can book our ladies for? In this article we answer this question.

What can you book a luxury escort for ?

You can book a high class escort for whatever you need or want company for. This also means that you do not necessarily have to choose privacy when booking a high class escort. A party, a wedding, a business dinner a trip, a holiday, an outing, a lunch, a breakfast or a get together. These are all examples of occasions where high class escorts make their mark.

Going out with a high class escort is much more fun!

How nice it is to know in advance that you’re going to have a great evening. With a date you found on tinder, you have to wait and see if she is nice. When you book a high-class escort, you are 100% sure that both of you will have a great time. An experience full of romance, sensuality and more. Feel the jitters in your tummy as you would on a “normal” date. Have an unforgettable girlfriend experience! 

The possibilities with a high-level escort are endless. 

Are you ready for a little more excitement? Are you walking around with a fantasy that you haven’t been able to fulfil yet? Or are you a couple looking for a great threesome experience. Anything is possible at Eslabelle’s high class escort service. Whatever your wishes or desires, we will do everything to make your wishes and desires come true. Why dream of an experience when it can become reality?

Isn’t it weird to hire a high ranking Escort?

You may think there is a stigma attached to booking a high class escort. This stems from years of negative labelling of “paying for company”. Because there has been some sort of bizarre taboo on intimacy and its pursuit for centuries, ladies who offer their services for a fee have been treated as outcasts in society. Their actions are looked down upon and they are not always treated with respect. This is strange, because they are fulfilling a need in society. And providing a service that often involves specialist knowledge. We think that sex is naturally easy, but seducing and providing a pleasurable experience in bed requires knowledge and skills. Not everyone has these skills.

No, booking a high class escort is actually quite normal.

Despite this stigma, there is a reason why it is called the oldest profession in the world. People naturally crave intimacy, connection and physical satisfaction of their desire. The idea that this is “to be had for free” in a relationship or other connection, is not comparable to booking a high class escort. The comparison with someone you are in a relationship with giving you for free what you pay for in an escort is very strange. Do you also compare a friend who cooks for you to a celebrity chef? Do you then stop eating out?

A High Class Escort is an expert in companionship

Just as you go to a professional for your finances and go to a hairdresser for a haircut, you go to a High Class Escort when you want the best company. There is nothing secret about it and it is certainly not a taboo. We want to give you the best experience possible, a night to remember, and that’s why our high class escorts always do their best. So what are you going to book her for?