At Eslabelle, we take care of bookings throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Going on a business trip, city trip or want to enjoy your favourite holiday destination together with your High Class Escort? At Eslabelle, everything is possible. Be inspired by this delightful list of international destinations. Which destination will you choose for an international booking

1.     Dubai

In Dubai, there are no impossibilities. Everything you dream of can be realised in Dubai. Many rich & famous come to Dubai only too happy to immerse themselves in luxury. Replenish your wardrobe, dine in the most luxurious Michelin-starred restaurants, cruise on luxury yachts and enjoy all the splendour. At hotel Atlantis The Plam, you and your dream companion will lack nothing! 

2.     Monaco

Live the good life in luxurious Mocaco. The second smallest country in the world is certainly not inferior. Try your luck with your companion in the famous Monte Carlo. Where, of course, you will go in a chauffeured white limousine. Are you a lover of luxury cars? The streets of Monaco are dominated by Bentley’s, Masarati’s and Aston Martin’s. After a great evening, sleep with your dream woman in one of the many extravagant hotels. Monaco you can also rent beautiful yachts. Hôtel De Paris Monte-Carlo really comes highly recommended. 

3.     Ibiza

Ibiza is known for its great club scene! Are you a party animal and want to party with your companion? Then Ibiza is the perfect international destination for you. Enjoy the famous clubs such as: Ushuaia, Amnesia or Pacha. Dance, enjoy and party until the wee hours. Ibiza has everything you need to have a great time. The hotel you must have been to is the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza. 

4.     Paris

Paris is also known as the city of love. Therefore, a city like Paris can definitely not be missed in this list. Paris boasts more than seventy Michelin-starred restaurants. A great dinnerdate is therefore sure to be experienced in Paris. Enjoy all the art, culture and designer shops. Paris is therefore eminently suitable for a wonderful weekend with your companion. Walk together hand in hand through all the romantic streets and enjoy each other and all the romance around you. One hotel in Paris we can recommend is the Four Seasons Hotel George V. Of course with a view of the well known Eiffel Tower. 

5.     Singapore

Once you’ve landed on Singapore with your High Class Escort, you’ll feel right at home. Even Singapore’s airport is so chic that you almost want to spend the night there. Among other things, you will find a sunflower garden, swimming pool and beauty centre. So delays are no big deal. Singapore is a rising star in this list of international (Luxury) destinations. Did you know that Singapore even has a Louis Vuitton island? Singapore has a bit of the feel of New York and London in one. Singapore has beautiful beaches where you can stroll endlessly. But Singapore also has beautiful architecture and lots of shopping malls where you will certainly succeed! You will want for nothing at the Raffles Hotel.