Dinner with (theatre) performance

Many of our clients regularly opt for a one-on-one dinner. Indeed, a one-on-one dinner is a good way to get to know each other before the date. While enjoying a nice glass of wine or champagne, you can slowly feel a real connection developing. When dining one-on-one, the goal is for you to spend at least half the time somewhere else. Of course, this doesn’t have to be in the restaurant. 

It is quite possible that you choose a short dinner and then go together to a (theatrical) performance or to the opera, ballet, concert or other activity. After the performance you can retire and explore each other in an intimate way. 

Spa experience

After a week of hard work, it is also important to relax! The Netherlands has many spas that you will certainly enjoy. Enjoy and relax with your top escort during the “Spa Experience”. We offer a “spa experience” at a reduced rate because part of the booking takes place outside your hotel room. A “Spa Experience” is therefore only possible at a public spa location. Enjoy a wonderful massage, infusions and relaxation in the company of your high-end escort. 

Do you prefer a private spa?

It is also possible to enjoy all the luxury of a private spa with your partner. Please note that the normal rate applies. Indeed, during the luxury in a private spa, you also have the opportunity to enjoy each other in privacy. 


Holland Casino often offers starter packages.  You can learn all the elements of the game for a whole evening for a small deposit. One thing is for sure, with a wonderful companion by your side, luck will be with you. 

Boat trip

Rent a luxury sloop and float together past all the beautiful places. The Netherlands has countless beautiful places that you can see together. Meanwhile, you get to know each other over a nice glass of wine and some snacks. As well as being great fun to explore a city from the water, it is also very romantic to take a boat trip together. 

Where is the best place to take a boat trip?

  • Amsterdam: number one by far! Sail together along the canals, the “red light district” and all the architecture of the IJ. 
  • Utrecht: also has beautiful canals and romantic places where you can moor. 
  • Rotterdam: is known for its ports and modern architecture. 

If you wish, we can also book a luxury sloop for you.  


Wine tasting

Titillate your taste buds and book a wine arrangement. Get to know each other and each other’s wine preferences during a wine tasting. At a wine tasting, a sommelier will tell you all about the origin, smell and colour of wine. After this fun and educational evening, you can get to know each other on an intimate level! 

Do you have any questions, or is there anything else we can do for you? If so, please let us know first.