A sexy role play can be experienced during a regular date

(Additional rate 100 euros)

The Girlfriend Experience from High Class Escort Service Eslabelle is always great fun, of course, but did you know that you could also make this intimate experience a bit more exciting? For example, you could play a sexy and exciting role-play with her! Many of our high-class escorts are so imaginative that they could make just about any of your fantasies come true. Want some ideas for a fun role-play? We have listed the most exciting role-playing games below.

Sexy nurse

This is a pretty well-known fantasy and for good reason! Our high class escort from Eslabelle could appear at your doorstep for this role-play in a sexy, (latex) nurse outfit. After this, she will lovingly take care of you and thoroughly examine your body. Of course, you could also turn the tables on this. For example, you could give her a thorough physical examination as her doctor. Be sure to be careful here too and do not skip any body part.

Pilot and stewardess

Another fun fantasy for many men is that of a pilot and a stewardess. You can take the role of the pilot and the high class escort will come to you in a sexy stewardess outfit. For example, try imagining how you could kill time together if you have a long layover between flights. After all, relaxation between work is very important

Teacher and student

Pretty much every man has fantasised about what it would be like to stay after with a sexy teacher and luckily, you can make this fantasy come true with Eslabelle’s high class escort! Getting punishment, of course, has never been so much fun. Besides, you can also turn the tables on this fantasy, where you are the strict teacher who has to teach the beautiful student a lesson. This student will then also put on an incredibly sexy school uniform for you. In this, of course, there are better punishments to come up with than simply writing punishment papers.

Chambermaid and hotel guest

When you are lying in the bed of your hotel room, a gorgeous chambermaid suddenly walks in. Although she is naturally startled and wants to leave as soon as possible, you can also ask her to stay here for a while. As she goes about her business as quickly as possible, a noticeable sensual tension lingers in the air. Then, when she wants to go clean the bed, you will be only too happy to help her out for a while.

Secretary and boss

Of course, it is incredibly stressful when administration is behind and paperwork keeps piling up. This, then, is the secretary’s fault, for which she may well be called to account. This fantasy is a classic example of most role-playing games, with one of the two exerting their power over the other. You can make this experience even more exciting with some bondage. Haven’t experienced this yet, but would love to try it? Then be sure to let us know, because most of Eslabelle’s high class escorts already have plenty of experience with this and thus know exactly how best to show you how exciting such a thing is.

Which role-play do you start with? 

Please note that not all Eslabelle ladies provide this service. The profiles of our high-class escorts show which extra services they do and do not provide. Do you have a question? Or is there anything else we can do for you? Feel free to let us know.