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An exciting experience that you experience together.

Do you ever fantasise about a threesome?

Many couples fantasise about an intimate experience with an extra lady. At Eslabelle, we offer you the opportunity to turn your fantasy into reality in a discreet way! Unfortunately, many couples’ fantasies do not become reality. This is because the possibility simply does not exist in daily life or because you might have worries about the possible consequences. If you invite a lady you know, maybe your partner will still keep in touch with her? At Eslabelle we have the solution!

Companionship for a Couple

At Eslabelle, it is important for us to find the perfect match for you. What kind of looks are important to you? What kind of character traits or personality do you think is important for your partner? Tell us and we will make the perfect match for your couple booking! Here’s a tip! Discuss beforehand what you think is important during the date. For example, can he kiss her? Or are there things you would like to try? We will make sure that everything is arranged down to the last detail.

Couple high-class escort

Many of our companions really enjoy having intimacy with couples. All companions who offer this experience are truly bisexual. They are genuinely attracted to another woman. Because of this, you will find that you will quickly feel comfortable with your companion.

Bring your fantasies to life

Here are some additional tips for your couple’s reservation. First of all, it is very important that you take your time. For this, we recommend a minimum of 3 hours. Usually, couples are still quite nervous at the beginning of the Couples Experience. It is therefore important to discuss your insecurities with the partner beforehand. After all, she also wants everyone to have a fun and enjoyable evening. If you have not yet told Eslabelle your expectations and rules for the “Couple Experience”, our coach will discuss them with you. Although it may seem exciting at first, you will soon be able to relax wonderfully in this exciting setting. Once you feel comfortable, our top-notch escort will quietly approach intimacy at a pace that suits you. This experience will not only be sensual, but also very romantic and full of passion. An experience that will leave you wanting more! During the couple experience, it is especially important that you enjoy a special erotic experience with our high class escort that you will never forget.

Do you want a threesome as a couple?

Maybe not everyone will admit it, but secretly, men and women dream of trying a threesome. So how do you best approach this issue when you’re in a relationship? What’s the best way to discuss these kinds of topics with each other? And then, how do you find the right person to fulfill this fantasy with?

Isn’t she attractive?

Although many women find sex with another woman very exciting, they are at the same time a little afraid that their partner might find the other woman more beautiful, more exciting or more attractive. On the other hand, you have been together for some time and something new is often more exciting. So you need to ask yourself who you will do it with if you really want to have a threesome. Would you like to do it with someone you already know or would you rather do it with someone you don’t know? When you already know a nice lady, it is of course easy, but it can still become very complicated. After all, after a sensual evening, different feelings may suddenly arise. What to do then?

Give your sex life a boost 

When a couple has been together for a while, they may slowly be ready for a little more excitement in their relationship. This is when they get the idea to experiment with things together. However, it is very important here that you do this together, so that you don’t lose each other and can really stimulate your sex life together. Have you ever fantasised about a threesome? There are many women who would like to experiment with another woman. Therefore, this experience will not only be fun for the woman, but also for the man. After all, he can then enjoy two women who love each other as well as himself. It has also been shown that after a threesome, men feel even closer to their own women. A threesome is therefore a positive experience for both parties!

How do you find your “plus one”?

How to find a spontaneous, intelligent and attractive woman who also meets your needs? It is often very difficult to meet a nice woman in your private life, because how can you tell your partner that that woman on the terrace or behind you in the queue meets your needs? Also, of course, you don’t want to give your wife the impression that you like another woman more than her.

Of course, you can place an ad on the Internet, simply talk to someone or, for example, create an account on a dating site such as Tinder. In doing so, however, you still don’t know what to expect. The safest and most discreet way to arrange the perfect threesome is to hire a professional. Choose a woman you don’t know yet, but who knows how to make sure the three of you have fun. Leave nothing to chance and discuss your wishes for an unforgettable and erotic evening in advance.

Eslabelle has the solution!

The solution: book a top escort with Eslabelle! Some of our companions are bisexual, which means that they will be attracted to both the man and the woman in the threesome. For the Two Person Experience, however, it is important that you and your partner carefully discuss what you want during the threesome. Is kissing allowed? Is oral sex allowed? Do you want to use toys during the Couples Experience? Eslabelle’s high class escort will always take your wishes for the experience into account. This is extremely important, as many women will not see Eslabelle’s companion as an “intruder”. At Eslabelle, we ensure that all our companions are trained as true professionals, where nothing is left to chance. We also guarantee that the high class escort you invite for this Couple Experience is beautiful as blood and is someone who also loves a bit of adventure and especially new experiences. This way, the evening is guaranteed to be a success! We are also happy to advise you further if you are not sure which companion is best for you.

Tips for a perfect “couple experience”:

For a successful threesome with your partner!

Make sure you agree on some rules beforehand. For example, do you mind if your husband kisses another woman? Or are there certain things you would prefer not to do during the Couples Experience? Try to imagine the evening and think together about what you like and dislike. It is also very important here to talk about the things you really want! This way you and your partner know exactly what is expected and disappointments are avoided.

In short: do you want to treat yourself to a wonderful, sensual and erotic experience that you will remember for a long time? Then treat yourself to the Eslabelle Couples Package.

Couple Experience information:


Dating without kissing is not very exciting, so our companions will certainly seduce you and kiss you at the right moment.

Where can she come to visit us?

For each booking, our high-class escort ladies will come to you. This can be in a hotel (minimum 4*) or in your own home. We will ask you, when making the reservation, about the location where the lady can come to. Our companions always appreciate it when you make their favourite drink available.

Trio Experience


We will ensure that your companion always arrives discreetly and on time. The arrival as well as the departure of the companions will be inconspicuous at all times. The companions representing Eslabelle always wear exclusive lingerie, a little black dress (to the knee) with stay-ups and high heels with a neat cloak over it. If you prefer her to arrive casual, this is of course also possible. If you wish, she will not step out of the door.

Transport/Travel costs:

The travel costs for a companion are € 0.50 per kilometre from the place of residence of the companion to the destination of your choice and they are calculated on the basis of a round trip. If you book several companions, the above applies

per companion. For bookings outside the Netherlands, other travel costs apply, please contact us. You do not have to worry about the transport of your companion. This is arranged by Eslabelle.


All companions representing Eslabelle are always prepared down to the last detail. They have all the stuff you need with them. Think of: condoms, massage oil, lubricant and such. Do you have any requests of which you would like them to bring it along? Please let us know and we will make sure everything is arranged to perfection. Do you like to experiment with toys? Please keep in mind that these always have to be new and still in the package if you want to use them together with our high-class escort girl.

The end of the evening:


When your date is coming to an end (the last 15 minutes), Eslabelle will call the lady to tell her that your date is almost over. If you want to enjoy each other a bit longer you can extend the booking. You can tell the lady how many hours you would like to extend the booking. She will arrange this with Eslabelle. Please note that the payment for the extension of the booking has to be made immediately.

When the date is over:

If you decide not to extend the date, your companion will get ready to leave and will also leave very discreetly.