There are many stories and myths surrounding the escort profession, but the most frequently asked question is: how much can you earn as a luxury escort? Most people now know that this exciting profession comes with a lot of luxury. This is often the reason why a person wants to work as a luxury escort, but is this image true? Can you really earn that much as a top escort at Eslabelle? Is this also the only reason why you should work as a high class escort?

Don’t luxury escorts always have great means?

In series and social media they often show how escorts have a lot of money around them all the time. They can go shopping with their clients’ money and buy a new handbag or a new pair of shoes every day. Is this image really true?

This picture is not entirely accurate. It all depends, of course. When you work as a high-class escort at Eslabelle, you offer your company and other similar services to your clients. This often involves intimacy and sex, for which there is financial compensation. However, this does not mean that you are paid only for sex, as this is not what a high class escort is. The role of a high class escort is to offer companionship and excitement to your client. They want a story to go deeper and they really want to feel a personal connection. They want to feel heard, to be able to relax and to be adored. This often involves intimacy too, but it’s about offering an experience.

What are the advantages of a luxury escort?

At High Class Escort Service Eslabelle, we offer a unique experience to our clients. As a result, many clients experience this unique experience with you as a reality. They might treat you as their long term friend. Many customers treat their companion with respect and gladly shower you with compliments, gifts and fun outings. Of course, you won’t always be showered with gifts, but a romantic dinner or a drink at a fancy bar is always part of a fun evening. That’s why, as a high class escort, you need to make sure you work in a high class escort office where only sophisticated clients come, like at High Class Escort Service Eslabelle. With all of our clients, the norm is that they get to know you better before the appointment. Many clients therefore prefer to start with a one-on-one dinner. 

What can you expect from a high-level escort?

Not all clients will give you gifts or take you to the most luxurious restaurants, so don’t be disappointed if that happens. After all, you shouldn’t be doing this job just for that. Most importantly, you want to give your customers a unique experience. Your motivation should not be based on what you might get from the customer. So be careful not to set your expectations too high with a client, because you will still be paid to provide an exciting experience. What you get for it, many top escorts often consider enough.

How much do you earn as a high level escort?

At Eslabelle, high class escorts get a lot of passion and satisfaction from their work. Luxury escorts show you that they enjoy a luxurious life and have a sophisticated style in both their behaviour and appearance. When you work as a luxury escort, the most important thing for you should be to offer your client a unique experience that they never dreamed of. Of course, offering this experience is not for nothing. When a client books a high class escort with High Class Escort Service Eslabelle, they book it for a minimum of 2 hours for a price of €700, excluding travel expenses. Of this amount, 55% is for you, the companion, and 45% for High Class Escort Service Eslabelle, after deduction of 21% (VAT). Travel expenses and money for any extra services you provide are also added to your salary. So we really do work with our top escorts and all costs are already included in these percentages. Think, for example, of contact maintenance, evaluation interviews, courses and your security guarantee. At Eslabelle, as a high-level escort, you will also receive a travel allowance of 50 cents per kilometre and you can keep all extra earnings and tips entirely for yourself. When you start working at Eslabelle as a high level escort, you will receive approximately €289, excluding travel expenses, for 2 hours of work. Of course, this still varies sometimes due to taxes, but it comes out to about this. In addition, you earn more the longer the appointment lasts. It may even happen that you are asked for a week’s holiday, during which your income will also increase.

Luxury escorts have fun in their work

Besides earning a decent hourly wage as a high class escort at High Class Escort service Eslabelle, there are many other reasons to take this job. Our high class escorts do their job with passion and dedication and enjoy giving someone such a unique experience. The work is very rewarding when you notice how much you please someone and fulfill their wishes. It is then only a nice bonus that you are also paid for it and sometimes receive gifts.