Maybe you have secretly thought about it. What would the life of a high-class escort be like? In the media, we hear more and more about the world of luxury escorts. But how do you become a good high class escort? And why would you want to become a high class escort? Has your interest been aroused? Then read on:

What is a high class escort? 

A high class escort is a companion who offers an experience. An experience in the broadest sense of the word. As a high class escort you go out with clients. For example, you go to the opera, to a restaurant, to the theatre, to a disco and much more. After an activity, you often seek intimacy with your client. During the intimate time you spend together, you mainly respond to his sexual wishes and desires. An appointment is entirely organised according to the client’s wishes. Your job is to provide a good experience. 


What is the difference between an escort and a high class escort?

This is also immediately the difference between an escort and a high-level escort. An escort is often only asked for intimacy. An escort comes over, has sex with her client, and then goes home. A date with a high-class escort often has little to do with sex, but is about the overall experience. A client books a high-class escort because she is pretty, intelligent, communicative and sensual in bed. 

When are you NOT qualified?

Some women think that working as luxury escorts is just a quick and easy way to make money. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to work for Eslabelle only from a financial point of view, then you are in the wrong place. Your main motivation should be that you like adventure, excitement and intimacy. You like to meet new people and you like the art of seduction. 


Why would you want to become a luxury escort? 

As a luxury escort, you will go to many nice places such as: a fancy restaurant, entering luxury clubs as a VIP, fun trips and other outings; you will experience them all. You will also meet many interesting clients and have fun experiences with them. Last but not least, the winnings are also very generous. But the earnings should mainly be seen as a nice addition to your current job or studies. All this makes many ladies apply for a job at Eslabelle. 

Are you looking for an appropriate high class escort service

Esmee has always worked as a luxury escort herself and therefore knows only too well what the job of a luxury escort involves. Eslabelle is the only high-end escort agency that knows what it’s like to be “in your shoes”. Many (luxury) escort agencies have gone into this business mainly to make a lot of money. Esmee believes that this does not take into account the well-being of the luxury escorts. At Eslabelle, we also treat all high-class escorts in a “high-class” manner. After all, you are the most important thing. Esmee will train you to become true professionals! What kind of clients will you meet? What kind of places will you go to? Most importantly, how do you prepare for an appointment? All this is put into a course that you receive during the initial training of about 3 weeks. After all, in any other “normal” job, you are also inducted. Before you go to book with Eslabelle, you know exactly what to expect and you are perfectly prepared. 

Recruitment by Eslabelle!

After reading this, do you think that being a luxury escort is for you? Do you have the combination of beauty and intelligence? Do you know what interests and intrigues people? And can you seduce someone with your charisma and elegant appearance? Then apply to High Class Escort Service Eslabelle, and who knows, we might see you soon!