Eslabelle about Valerie: Valerie is a lady of many facets. A beautiful smile, a fantastic body and sexy in a mysterious and elegant way. Valerie is a lover of art and aesthetics and she can express this creative side in her business. She likes to converse about the art of living, philosophy, spirituality, but she […]

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Eslabelle about Deena Deena is an educated, quirky and intelligent companion with a seductive look in her eyes.  When you meet Deena, you immediately feel at ease. You can discuss anything with Deena. She has a free spirit and an open attitude, she doesn’t find anything crazy. Deena is very experimental and therefore likes to develop […]

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Eslabelle over Jolie Jolie is en levendige, intelligente, en open (minded) companion voor wie niks te gek is. Deze companion is altijd in voor nieuwe avonturen. Jolie is een companion waar u een diepe connectie mee kunt opbouwen, door haar inlevingsvermogen, spontaniteit, gevoel voor avontuur en passie zal elke date keer op keer een memorabele […]

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Eslabelle about Anne :  Anne is a companion who will never take half measures. In everything she does, she thinks big and takes on a challenge with confidence and enthusiasm. Anne is, as we call her, a true “natural beauty”. The kind of “girl next door” you need to meet! Whatever type of date you […]

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Eslabelle about Sita: Sita is a creative, charming and cheerful companion. She has an eye for detail and can enjoy art, aesthetics and language immensely. Sita loves the Dutch language and can also philosophise endlessly with you about life. She therefore flawlessly speaks the language of love! Superficiality is therefore wasted on her. Her creativity […]

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Eslabelle about Isabella: Isabella is a huge bon vivant and bubbles with energy. She is a young, spontaneous and active lady who knows what she wants. With Isabella, you don’t have to worry about silences during your dates. Isabella is a real jumper and with her seductive appearance and healthy dose of humour, you will […]

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Eslabelle about Tess: Imagine a lady with sparkling brown eyes, soft lips that will whisper your name and a loving gaze that instantly enchants you. Then you will end up with Tess! In appearance, she comes across as very sweet and innocent. If you get to know her better, you will soon discover her romantic […]

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Eslabelle About Evi: Evi is a sparkling woman with very nice long legs. She looks sweet, but she also has a surprisingly wild side. This exotic beauty is bubbly, sweet and very sociable. All this combined with her “down to earth” personality makes her a woman you can laugh with and experience many passionate evenings […]

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Eslabelle about Liz Liz is a young blonde woman who will immediately enchant you with her beauty and charming appearance. Your first impression will be sweet and innocent but don’t let that influence you too much! Despite her young age, this companion has already seen a lot of the world. She likes to talk about […]

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