Eslabelle about Sita:

Sita is a creative, charming and cheerful companion. She has an eye for detail and can enjoy art, aesthetics and language immensely. Sita loves the Dutch language and can also philosophise endlessly with you about life. She therefore flawlessly speaks the language of love! Superficiality is therefore wasted on her. Her creativity gives her an open view of the world, which she likes to share with you. 

A fancy dinner, a night out, a passionate intimate moment or a spontaneous city trip with Sita you can go either way. Sita is as naughty as she is sweet! She can effortlessly transform her look from the ultimate girl-next-door to an elegant sexy femme fatale. Get carried away by Sita and discover everything you are looking for in a date! 

About Me:

You best describe me as authentic, warm, playful, sensual and open-minded. I am naturally enormously curious, inquisitive and also a tad flirtatious. I love meeting new people and having new experiences. During our date, I will mainly connect with you or you. 

A saying I made myself is:

“To a true artist only that face is beautiful which, quite apart from its exterior, shines with the truth within the soul”.

I want to get to know “YOU”: what you do, what drives you in life, what you find exciting, tell me everything! This “everything” of course combined with my smile and some sneaky flirting in between. I will slowly introduce you to my seductive and naughty side. Let’s forget the world around us for a moment and merge into our moment together. The moment where time stands still and we are one together. Pure sincerity and passion, our shared experience becomes a shared memory! 

 X Sita