Eslabelle is from a Dutch High Class Escort Service but we also arrange dates in Belgium and other parts of Flanders. Would you like to become a High Class Escort in Flanders or elsewhere in Belgium? Then apply to Eslabelle through our application form. 

Eslabelle is an international High Class Escort Service we arrange dates in the Netherlands, Belgium but also in the rest of Europe. 


As a High Class Escort lady, you are the most important thing! 

It is very important to us that you feel completely at home at Eslabelle. We will therefore never throw you in at the proverbial ‘deep end’ and take you on a guidance course of at least 3 weeks. In it, you get a crash course: ‘how to become a high-class escort’, communication skills, etiquette standards and, of course, I also explain everything about the art of seduction. Even more than in other types of businesses, it is especially important in our industry that contact and communication feel familiar. At Eslabelle, we always make sure that your safety comes first and that you get to run dates with our trusted and pleasant clientele. You don’t have to address me with terms like boss. It is best to think of me as a mentor who is there for you at all times. You can see Eslabelle as your personal planner, your coach, your negotiator, administrative assistant and, above all, your guarantee of a safe and fun booking.

Eslabelle is Belgium’s best High Class Escort Service

Having always worked as a high-class escort herself, Esmee knows all too well what working as a high-class escort entails. Eslabelle is one of the few High Class Escort Services that knows what it is like to be ‘in your shoes’. Many (high-class) escort agencies started in this business mainly to generate a lot of money. Esmee feels that this ignores the well-being of high-class escorts. At Eslabelle, we also treat all high-class escorts in a ‘high-class’ way. After all, you are the most important thing. Esmee will train you to become real professionals! What kind of clients will you meet? What kind of places will you go to? More importantly how do you prepare for a date? All this is put into a course that you get during the initial course of about 3 weeks. After all, at any other ‘normal’ job, you also get inducted. Before you go on booking at Eslabelle, you know exactly what to expect and are prepared to perfection. 

Why would you want to become a High Class Escort in Belgium? 

As a high-class escort, you will come to many great places such as: eating in a fancy restaurant, stepping out in luxury clubs as a VIP, fun trips and other outings, you will experience them all. You also meet a lot of interesting clients and experience fun things with them. Last and not least, the earnings are also very generous. But the earnings should mainly be seen as a nice extra on top of your current job or studies. All this makes many ladies apply for jobs at Eslabelle.

Become a High Class Escort in Belgium and Flanders. 

At Eslabelle, we only hire ladies who possess both beauty and brains. It is the combination of elegance, style and class that make you the perfect high-class escort. At Eslabelle, we only work with high-class escorts who have a regular job or study in addition to this ‘work’.  You must want to work as a high-class escort because the adventure, excitement and eroticism attract you. At Eslabelle, we like to invest in long-term relationships and we therefore find it extra important that you feel at home at Eslabelle. 

Working as a High Class Escort in Belgium and Flanders.

Have you become enthusiastic after reading this and would you like to apply for a job at Eslabelle? Once we have received your application, we will treat this information with the utmost discretion. We will review your application letter internally and if we think you are a good fit for Eslabelle, we will invite you for a face-to-face interview. This interview will last about 30 minutes and is mainly to see if we are a good fit for each other. I will also tell you about our working methods and expectations. If we are both positive about this conversation, I will invite you to the office. After which you can sign the contract. Then you can start the training programme. In theory, you could make your first booking within 1 month of applying. The application form is at the bottom of the page. 

Would you like to work as a High Class Escort in Belgium and Flanders? Then apply here! 

After reading this, do you feel that working as a high-class escort is made for you? Do you have the combination of beauty and brains? Do you know what interests and intrigues people? And can you seduce someone with your charisma and elegant appearance? Then apply to High Class Escort Service Eslabelle, and who knows, we might see you soon!

Would you like to prepare yourself to perfection in the meantime? Did you know that Esmee the owner of Eslabelle recently published a book? You can read all the stories she experienced as a high-class escort and tips and tricks in her book. Order it here!