When you book a high class escort, you obviously want this to be done discreetly. In this regard, many people worry about the companion arriving at the booking. Of course, if you would like a discreet booking, it does not help if the high class escort arrives at the agreed place in an expensive chauffeur-driven car. Below, we are happy to explain how we guarantee this discretion.

Will the high class escort arrive discreetly?

If the companion of Eslabelle will come to your home during the booking, it can be determined per booking how she can arrive here discreetly. Usually, the high class escort from Eslabelle will get off at a discreet place when she comes by taxi or driver. This spot will be near your home though, but a little further away for complete discretion. If the high class escort would come to you with her own car, she will also park it a little further away and thus walk the last stretch. This way, a visit by a high class escort from Eslabelle is always completely discreet.

When the high class escort comes to your home

Sometimes, of course, it can also happen that a client of ours lives in a residential area. In these cases, the companion of Eslabelle will drive up the driveway or be dropped off here, as in such cases it just looks stranger when such a beautiful woman walks this stretch. Even in the centre of large, busy cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam or The Hague, it will not be noticed if a beautiful woman steps out of a car near your home, as there are so many people walking around. This is especially true if you live in an apartment complex. Finally, it is of course always possible that the weather is bad one day, especially in the Netherlands. In such cases, however, the high class escort will get out as close to your home as possible, as it would of course be a shame if the rain ruined her beautiful appearance.

In any case, it is important to remember that each booking and location are completely different from each other. We will always have our high class escort arrive in the most discreet way possible, as we consider this extremely important. However, we also pay a lot of attention to the safety and comfort of our companion in doing so. If you would have any advice on a good route or parking spot, you can always indicate this when booking so that our high class escort knows this too.

When the High class Escort comes to a hotel

Many people find it nicer to have a high class escort come to their hotel room. In such cases, our companion will usually get in and out of the car as close to the hotel entrance as possible, as this will simply make her look like a hotel guest. She will also not stand out much at all, as she will dress mainly feminine, elegant and mostly conservative. However, at your request, she might dress sexy, wearing flat shoes to walk into the hotel instead of her pretty pumps. When the high class escort arrives at the hotel, she will also make her way directly towards the lift instead of reporting to the reception desk, which will simply make her seem like a normal hotel guest. Before knocking on your door, she will straighten her hair and put her elegant pumps back on. If you have asked her in advance to put on a sexy outfit, she can also ensure more discretion in doing so by donning a mackintosh. However, the hotel staff may still have an inkling of what such a beautiful, elegant woman is doing in their hotel at a certain time. Here, it is important that this also remains just an assumption, so they will not behave differently. After all, staff would not want to approach every beautiful woman.

However, there are also hotels where they approach every guest who enters, which therefore includes Eslabelle’s discreet high class escort. In such cases, our companion will indicate that she is visiting a friend, namely Mr X in room X. However, the response to this can vary from hotel to hotel. There are plenty of hotels that respond to this very understandingly, but other hotels will call the guest about this. In such cases, he will have to come to the reception, after which the high class escort will have to fill in an extensive form. In doing so, it even seems like they are making it as difficult as possible for her to visit you. Fortunately, by now we do know a little about which hotels will react in this way, so we can always warn you. To avoid all the hassle, you could also meet up with the companion in the lobby, for example, after which you can walk to the room together. If you prefer not to do this, our high class escort will simply go through the hotel procedure and she always behaves elegantly and patiently, even if the staff is condescending to her. This is because Eslabelle’s companions are above this and will always remain polite as well.

Finally, there are also more and more hotels that require a pass for the lift or connecting doors. Here, you can choose how best to handle this. Our high class escort can of course register herself as a guest, but you can also meet her already in the lobby, after which you go upstairs together.