Starting From: 1100 euro

Enjoy, dance and play, during this exciting night out! 

  • Our Casino Package can be booked from 4 hours, starting at €1100. 

Experience an exciting evening in a cosy and adventurous setting! After a long working week, we can imagine that you are ready for some excitement and adventure! Enjoy and try your luck together with one or more of our beautiful companions by your side. One thing is for sure, you will definitely impress! Between all the games, you can get to know each other well and build a real connection. 

Most casinos in the Netherlands have a wide range of games such as: Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, various gaming machines and much more. Also, some casinos have a ‘welcome zone’ on certain days. Here, various games are additionally explained by different croupiers. Besides all these fun games, going to the casino is also a very nice evening out. Enjoy good food, the excitement of the game, the entertainment and, of course, your wonderful companion who will accompany you throughout the evening! Of course, after all the relaxation, it is also time for some intimate activity. Enjoy tenderness, passion and eroticism and company from yor beautiful companion like never before! 

Experience the “Girlfriend Experience” like never before! 

We always like to combine our “Casino Package” with the “Girlfriend Experience”.

Our companions therefore do everything to make a connection with you, both physically and mentally. Our companions are both erotically and intellectually challenging so you will really experience a click with her. Do you have questions about which companion suits you best? Eslabelle will be happy to help you make the perfect match. 

‘Casino Package’ terms and conditions:

You can experience our ‘Casino Package’ starting from 4 hours. The first hours are calculated as ‘Companionship Only rate‘ and are therefore charged at a lower rate. The last 2 hours we charge as per the usual rate. Assuming you spend the last 2 hours of your ‘Casino Package’ together intimately. 

Would you like to enjoy the casino for longer? Of course you can, if you want to book additional hours the calculation remains the same. The hours you book extra will then be calculated according to the regular rate. If you have any special or additional wishes, please let us know. Eslabelle will gladly arrange a date for you completely tailored to your needs. Please keep in mind that the costs for the commitment to the games are entirely for your account. Eslabelle is not responsible for the loss of your bet. If you want your companion to also play the games, you have to take care of her bet (money) yourself.

Holland’s finest casinos are:

  1. Holland Casino Breda (Europe’s finest)
  2. Holland Casino Rotterdam
  3. Holland Casino Amsterdam
  4. Holland Casino Eindhoven
  5. Holland Casino Nijmegen 
  6. Holland Casino Venlo
  7. Holland Casino Scheveningen
  8. Holland Casino Holland Casino Leeuwarden
  9. Holland Casino Zandvoort
  10. Holland Casino Valkenburg

Casino Package Information:


Kissing is always included in every date, so our companions are sure to seduce you and kiss you passionately at the right time. 

Where can she come to see me?

Our companions always come to you. This can be in a hotel (at least 4 stars) or in your own home. When making your reservation, you can indicate to Eslabelle where the companion can come to you. TIP: Our companions can really appreciate it if you prepare their favourite drink in advance.


At Eslabelle, we make sure that our companions always arrive discreetly and arrive at the date on time. The companions’ arrival as well as departure will be inconspicuous at all times. A true companion of Eslabelle is always neatly and stylishly dressed. She always wears exclusive lingerie and will dress in a Little black dress (to the knee) with stay-ups, over that she will wear a neat cloak. If you prefer her to dress casually, this is of course also possible. 

Transport/Travel costs:

The travel costs per companion are €0.50 per kilometre from the companion’s place of residence to your desired destination. This will be calculated by Eslabelle on the basis of the outward and return journey. Would you like to make a booking outside the Netherlands? If so, please contact us. Your companion’s transport will be arranged by Eslabelle. 

Preparation/ Requests:

All companions representing Eslabelle are always prepared to perfection. They have with them all the items you need. Think: massage oil, lubricant and more. Do you have requests you would like her to bring as well? Then be sure to let us know and we will make sure that everything is arranged to perfection. Our companions love to experiment with toys. They will therefore always bring one of their favourite toys during your date. Would you like to bring a toy along as well? Then keep in mind that these toys should still be new in the packaging. If you have any wishes or something special in mind, please let us know. 

The end of the evening:


Time with our companions flies by! We can therefore imagine that you would like to extend the date with your companion. The last 15 minutes before the end of your date, Eslabelle will call your companion to indicate that your date is almost over. Would you like to enjoy each other a little longer? Then of course this is possible. You can tell your companion for how many hours you would like to extend the booking. She will arrange this with Eslabelle and you can enjoy each other a little longer. Please do keep in mind that the payment for the extension does need to be paid immediately. 

When the date is over: 

If you decide not to extend the date, your companion will get ready, thank you for the great evening and discreetly leave again. 

TIP: Did you also enjoy the date with your companion so much? Then feel free to send us a review.