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Beautiful company without intimacy.

Your plus one for a great evening of your choice

Are you looking for a companion only? Then a ‘Companionship Only’ date is really something for you. All high-class escorts represented by Eslabelle are elegant, intelligent and discreet, which makes them ideal for a ‘Companionship only’ date. Do you want to go to a concert, to the opera, a theatre performance, a (business) event or any other occasion? Almost all companions are available for bookings where they will accompany you. If you would like a companion for just one company, please let us know in advance. We will make the perfect match for you! For a ‘Companionship Only’ date, the minimum booking duration is 3 hours with an hourly rate of 200 Euros.

Converting the ‘Companionship Only’ appointment into a Girlfriend experience?

Many of our clients say that they are so charmed by Eslabelle’s companions that they want to convert their date into a date with intimacy. If you wish, you can contact Eslabelle and we will convert the date into a ‘Girlfriend Experience’. During the Girlfriend Experience, it is of course possible to seek intimacy with your partner. 

Requirements for a companionship only date?

A companionship only date is a date where only companionship takes place. So there will be no intimacy. Of course, it is appreciated if you are courteous, for example by offering a hand when getting out of a car. It is also fine if you put your arm around your companion when she is cold, for example. But The atmosphere of a ‘companionship only’ date should at all times be comparable to the atmosphere between friends or colleagues. Many of our clients are so charmed by our high-class escorts that they would like to have intimacy with their companion. Let us know and we will turn the date into a ‘Girlfriend Experience’. In a ‘Girlfriend Experience’, it is of course possible to have intimacy during the date.

Girlfriend experience


Information in advance of a companionship only date:

Where can she come to see me?

For each booking, our high-class escort Ladies will come to you. This can be in a hotel (minimum 4*) or in your own home. We will ask you, when making the reservation, about the location where the lady can come to you. Our companions can always appreciate it when you make their favourite drink ready for them.


We ensure that your companion always arrives discreetly and on time. The arrival as well as the departure of the lady will be inconspicuous at all times. The companions representing Eslabelle always wear exclusive lingerie, a little black dress (to the knee) with stay-ups and high heels with a neat cloak over it. If you prefer her to arrive casual, this is of course also possible. If you wish, she will not step out of the door.

Transport/Travel costs:

The travel costs for a lady amount to € 0.50 per kilometre from the place of residence of the lady to your desired destination and will be calculated on the basis of a round trip. If you book more than one lady, the above applies to each lady. For bookings outside the Netherlands other travel costs apply, please contact us for this. You do not have to worry about the transport of your companion. This is arranged by Eslabelle.

The end of the evening:


When your date is nearing the end (the last 15 minutes) Eslabelle will call the lady to tell her that your date is almost over. If you want to enjoy each other a bit longer you can extend the booking. You can tell the lady with how many hours you would like to extend the booking. She will arrange this with Eslabelle. Please keep in mind that

Please note that the payment for the extension of the booking must be made immediately.

When the date is over:

If you decide not to extend the date, your companion will get ready to leave and will also leave very discreetly.


All companions representing Eslabelle are always prepared down to the last detail. They have all the stuff you need with them. Think of: massage oil, lubricant and the like. They take this always just to be sure. It often happens that you are so charmed by our companions that you might prefer to turn your date into a ‘Girlfriend Experience’.

Companionship Only