A prostate massage can be experienced during a regular date!

* There is no extra charge for a prostate massage

A prostate orgasm is one of the most intense orgasms there is. I still sometimes find that some clients find it difficult to indicate that they would like to (try) a prostate massage. While many men indicate that a prostate orgasm is a fantastic experience! Whether a prostate massage is something for you? We dare say it is! If you surrender to our high-class escorts, you will feel sensations you didn’t know existed! 

What is a prostate massage?  

Prostate massage means stimulation of the male P-spot (also called G-spot). You can do it yourself by hand, or you can use a prostate vibrator. What the clitoris is to a woman, the prostate is to a man. So we could say we know the C-spot and the P-spot. It is a sensitive spot that few men discover or want to discover. Since stimulating the prostate has a lot of health benefits, every man should try prostate stimulation once. You can of course use your fingers, but using a prostate vibrator is even nicer. This vibrator is specially shaped to stimulate the p-spot. 

What is the prostate? 

The prostate is a tangerine-sized gland. It is located at the ‘root’ of the penis, just below the bladder. The prostate is located next to the rectum. In the prostate, the body makes auxiliary substances that are added to sperm.  

How do you massage the prostate yourself? 

Stimulating your prostate yourself is possible through the anus and perineum. Make sure your nails are short and clean and put a condom on your finger. You can use the condom my size (green) for this. Lie on your back and pull your knees up a little and, above all, try to relax. Apply lubricant to your finger and insert it gently at the anus. Caution! The lubricant must be water- or silicone-based, otherwise the condom will tear around your finger. Use a index or middle finger, which is often the easiest. Point your finger towards the navel. Now push your finger in about 5 cm. There you will feel a walnut-sized thickening, i.e. the prostate. 

Move your finger slowly along it and try to gently move the prostate back and forth. At first, you will probably feel like you have to go to the toilet to urinate. So this is a normal feeling and disappears fairly quickly. 

External prostate massage

You can also massage the prostate from the outside. How to do that? Apply light pressure to the perineum (the area between the scrotum and the anus). Using your thumb or possibly your knuckles, gently move back and forth. 

Erection problems

Sometimes it can also be effective in treating ejaculation and erection problems. Since the prostate is in contact with the penis, the stimulation has a good effect on both. Prostate massage is recommended for men without problems at least once a month. In case of prostate problems, this is often increased to once a week.  

How do you use a prostate stimulator/vibrator? 

Prostate stimulators often have a distinctive shape. They are usually slightly curved, allowing them to stimulate just the right spot. They are easy to insert. 

A good prostate vibrator will stay firmly in place once carefully inserted. By exercising the pelvic floor muscle now, you massage the prostate. So tighten and release. Try to do these movements at a rhythmic pace and stay relaxed. Use a prostate vibrator for a long time, not just 10 minutes, but at least an hour. This is long-term enjoyment. You can also gently move the stimulator a little with your hands. Don’t make bumping movements, but from top to bottom, or rotate or rock a little. 

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