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Do you also like to join an erotic party? Many of our high-class escorts like to broaden their erotic horizons and like to join you in the party. Swing, dance, play, fantasise, drink and enjoy during a night out with one of our high-class escorts in an exciting and erotic environment. During these kinds of evenings, you can discover all your fantasies and explore your sexual desires in a safe and erotic environment. Locations like this usually have different types of rooms and decors so you can completely immerse yourself in the moment. Of course, our companions only go to exclusive couples and swingers clubs and luxury erotic parties. For this arrangement a minimum booking time of 3 hours applies. Of course it is also possible to experience this fantastic evening with more than one companion, the more the merrier.

The best erotic parties to go with your High Class Escort

If you would like to go out erotically with your High Class Escort, it is of course also important that you know where to go. That is why we have listed a few exciting, erotic parties for you in advance!

Madame Homard

Madame Homard is one of the most famous erotic parties. In it, sexy dance parties are celebrated at all kinds of different locations in Europe. Of course, these erotic parties all take place in exclusive locations, otherwise it would not be an erotic party to take your High Class Escort to. For a wonderful evening of dancing and sensuality, head to Madame Homard with your companion!

Little Sins

Little Sins is another exclusive erotic party where you are sure to have a wonderful time with your High Class Escort from Ealabelle. At these private dance parties, you and 200 to 400 other couples can dance and go out just a little differently. This erotic party is always held in a special location, such as a cave, castle, boat or even in a church!

Killing Kittens

Another special company with the best erotic parties is Killing Kittens. Although these events are not specifically aimed at women, they do get to decide what happens. This makes Killing Kittens the perfect opportunity for erotic dating with your High Class Escort if you really want to put her at ease! These erotic parties take place in London and New York.

Caviar de la Nuit

Caviar de la Nuit is one of the best erotic parties here in the Netherlands! This party is also considered the crème de la crème of erotic parties and for good reasons! Here, you and your gorgeous companion are sure to enjoy yourselves during the night together with all the other couples. Enjoy the sensual music and each other of course.

Castle Events

Finally, you and the High Class Escort can also go out erotically at Castle Events. This is a dance party that is organised in various castles, so you are sure to party together in a special location! Also, this erotic party is especially known for its rich programme with various fantastic artists so be surprised!

Tips for erotic dating with your High Class Escort

Maybe it is your first time going to an erotic or maybe you want to make sure everything goes smoothly for you and your companion. Either way, some tips for erotic dating with your High Class Escort are sure to come in handy.

  • One of the best tips we can give you is to look carefully at the rules of the event beforehand. This way, you can prepare yourself and the High Class Escort for exactly what to expect. A mistake that is often made during an erotic party is that people touch someone uninvited. This is of course not the intention, so prepare well in advance, so you know exactly what is and what is not allowed.
  • In addition, it is also very important to choose the right erotic party. Of course, not every occasion is for everyone. By carefully researching the different erotic parties available beforehand, you can decide for yourself which occasion attracts you the most. 
  • If you would like to go out erotically with your High Class Escort, it is also important that she wants this herself. Therefore, indicate this when placing your booking and see in advance which companions of Eslabelle would like to accompany you during such an exciting evening!
  • Furthermore, we advise you to take extra care and attention to your appearance and hygiene. During erotic parties, not just anyone is allowed in and there is a strict selection based on hygiene, so proper grooming is very important here.
  • Lastly, it is important that you can relax and enjoy it! Erotic dating with your High Class Escort should be an enjoyable and exciting experience for both of you. Therefore, communicate your expectations and just enjoy it when you are at the party! 

Go on the perfect date with our Matchmaking service!

Do you want to make sure you go on a date with a companion who really suits you? Then take advantage of our Matchmaking service! Because at Eslabelle, we also think it is very important that a booking feels right for both parties and that it meets all your needs and expectations.

Our Matchmaking service is all about customisation. When you tell us your needs and expectations, we will look for the perfect match in our range of companions. For this, we do need certain information from you. For example, it is important for us to know what physical characteristics you find attractive in a woman. However, at Eslabelle it is not only about looks, because an emotional click is of course also very important. Therefore, we will look for a High Class Escort who also suits you well in terms of her age, personal characteristics or even her hobbies.

By looking at both the inner and outer appearance of the companions in our Matchmaking service, we can ensure that the experience of your booking is taken to the next level. This is because in doing so, you will not only experience a wonderful evening with her on a physical level, but on a social and intellectual level as well. This way, you will both enjoy an intimate and exciting evening!

Extra information:

Transport & Arrival

The high-class escort girl will always come to you. You need to tell Eslabelle to which party or club you want to go. The companion will come to that location. It may also be an adjacent bar if you want to discuss with her first what you expect from the evening. To get to know each other better before you immerse yourselves in the erotic party scene. Transport to and from the club must be arranged by you. If you arrive at the club together, you will have to pay the entrance fee for both of you. If the tickets have to be booked in advance Eslabelle can advise you on this. The cost of the tickets must be paid by you at least 24 hours in advance. Always bring a valid ID. It is possible that you will be asked for this.

During the evening

It may be that you meet someone with whom you would both like to have a threesome. It may also be that the opportunity arises for group sex. It is important that you both agree to this and enjoy it. There is also an additional charge for extra sexual acts. The price for this is EUR 300 per person with whom sexual contact takes place. For example, a threesome will cost an extra 300 euros because one extra person is involved. A quartet thus costs an extra €600 because two people are taking part. The companion will pay for the extra activities directly to you, this can be in cash or via a payment request. For the latter option, the companion will contact Eslabelle and we will arrange the payment with you. Our companions are always prepared down to the last detail. They always have all the stuff you need with them. Think of condoms, massage oil, lubricants and such. Do you like to experiment with toys? Then please keep in mind that these should always be new and still in the package if you want to use them together with our high-class escort girl.

The end of the evening

When the evening comes to an end (the last quarter of an hour), Eslabelle will call the companion to tell her that the booking is almost over. If you would like to enjoy her (and the club) a little longer, you can extend the booking. You can tell the companion how many hours you want to extend the booking. She will arrange this with Eslabelle. The payment for the extension must be made immediately. If you do not want to extend the booking, the companion will prepare herself quietly and you will have to leave the club together.