For our loyal clientele, we like to give something back! We appreciate the fact that we can count you among our regular customers. Especially for our regular customers, we have created a Member Account at Eslabelle. A Member Account is completely free and, just like all our services, very discrete. No personal data are linked to this account. Eslabelle offers you this account completely free of charge. Consider it a gift because we appreciate you as a customer.

Benefits of a Member Account:

  • Exclusive photos of our high-class escorts these photos are visible only to Members of Eslabelle:
  • If a companion gives Eslabelle permission, you will see our companions in full in the photos including the face:
  • A look at the profiles of our new high-class escort girls with photos:
  • You can enjoy an extra easy and fast booking procedure.
  • Just as it is important to you that we treat your privacy with care, we expect that you will not abuse the privilege of becoming a Member. And treat the content of the Member Portal as confidential and not share it with third parties. 

You will become a Member if you meet the following conditions:

  • You enjoyed at least 6 hours of a booking with one or more of our companions. 
  • Like you, our high-class escort had a good time:
  • You did not ask about unsafe (oral) sex during the date.
  • You did not ask for her contact details. 
  • You do not have your own contact details, for example, by giving your business card to your companion. 
  • You treat the contents of the Member portal with respect as well as highly confidential. 
VIP Member
VIP Member

Informatie over het Member Account

Indien u voldoet aan de bovengenoemde voorwaardes, krijgt u een Member account. Dit Member Account is 30 dagen geldig. Na het verstijken van deze 30 dagen wordt uw Member account automatisch inactief, waardoor u niet meer kunt inloggen. Wanneer u een nieuwe boeking plaatst bij Eslabelle kunt u opnieuw gebruik maken van uw privilege als Member en wordt uw account opnieuw met 30 dagen verlengd.

How do you apply for a Membership?

At the top of the website, you will see a bar with Login Members. If you click on the Member portal, you will see the option to register at the bottom. You press the button and can then create your own username and password. Once you have created a password and entered your email address. You will receive an email at the email address you entered, also check your spam. In this email you will find a link which will redirect you to the Memberportal. You are then NOT immediately a Member. When Eslabelle approves your Membership, you can enjoy all the extra benefits your account brings. If you make a new booking, we will extend the account by 30 days. Do you have any questions about using or activating your Member Account? Then please contact us. We will be happy to help!