You can experience a Lingerie Party during a regular date!

(Extra rate 50 euros)

As far as we are concerned, there is nothing more beautiful than a beautiful woman in lingerie. All the high-class escorts we represent have a preference for exclusive lingerie. They are only too happy to show off their most beautiful sets to you. When you opt for the extra service “Lingerie Experience”, you can be sure you’ll be spoilt for choice! 

Your lingerie preferences for the Lingerie Experience

When you make a booking with one or more of our high-class escorts at High Class Escort Service Eslabelle, you can choose to specify clothing preferences. This includes preferences regarding lingerie that your companion will wear to your date. Most clients indicate that it should be beautiful exclusive lingerie. This goes without saying at Eslabelle. On the ladies’ profile, you can already see some of her lingerie sets. But you still can’t choose? Then we definitely recommend a ‘Lingerie Party’! Your high-class escort will bring at least 3 of her favourite sets and show them all to you. You will experience a private lingerie show with your favourite companion or even better several companions! Watching a beautiful woman in luxurious lingerie is of course a dream come true. Especially when you consider that afterwards you also have the opportunity to undress her afterwards. There is an extra charge of 50 euros for this service. 

Favorite lingerie brands of our High Class Escorts!

  1. Bordelle 
  2. Studio Pia
  3. Honey Birdette
  4. Fleur du Mal
  5. Edge o Beyond

Our ladies can always really appreciate it when you surprise them with a beautiful lingerie set. Do you have any questions about their size or anything else? Then feel free to contact us, we are happy to help!

Lingerie preferences of our High Class Escorts

  • Lingerie set with suspenders

The most popular choices of lingerie still remains a nice complete set namely: Bra, briefs and suspenders and stockings. 

  • Lingerie set: Body and Bustier

A bustier (also called bustiere or basque) a nice added advantage of a bustier is that it pushes the breasts up a bit in many women. It also tends to make her waist narrower and sexier. A body is very similar to this only the difference is that with a body the bottom is one with the top. With a bustier, she wears another pair of panties or a thong. There are generally suspenders on a bustier, so it is often worn with stockings. A body also looks great under a casual outfit. 

  • Slipdress lingerie

A slipdress is usually made of lace or stole fabric. A slipdress looks a lot like a short dress. The beauty of a slipdress is that it often gives a romantic and sensual look. 

  • Ouverts and cupless lingerie sets

Surely this is the latest trend in lingerie. A cupless bra is one that has an underwire but where the breast is fully visible. This is very sexy in combination with nipple covers. These come in a lot of different colours these days and some are even encrusted with stones. An Ouvert is a thong or slip that is open at the back, bottom or somewhere else. 

Do you have questions about this extra service or any other query? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help.