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Sincerely, romantically and intimately explore each other.

Many ladies have the fantasy to have an intimate experience with a woman. Or are you lesbian or bisexual yourself and would you like a romantic date with one of our high-class escorts? Especially for the women who fantasize about an intimate and sensual experience with a woman, we have the Lady’s Only Experience. Many of our high-class escorts are bisexual or lesbian. They feel sincerely attracted to another woman, so the connection is always real. Of course, you determine the pace together and you can discover each other in a playful manner.

We understand all too well that it is difficult to choose between all the ladies. At Eslabelle we do a lot of matchmaking. Tell us what you expect from the date and we will provide you with a perfect date!

Lesbian High Class Escort Service

For many women, the intimacy and eroticism with another woman is something they have always been curious about. Only they have never had the opportunity to turn this fantasy into reality. At Eslabelle, we offer the ‘Ladies Only’ experience! This is for women who are lesbian and would like to share the bed with a lesbian woman or for women who are curious about intimacy with another woman.

Your first lesbian experience with a high-class escort.

Recently, we have been receiving more and more requests from bi-curious or lesbian ladies who would like to share a lesbian experience with another woman. Many of our companions are lesbians so they are also genuinely attracted to women. You will set the pace together and explore each other intimately in peace. Whether you are looking for a playful woman to push the boundaries together or for an intimate, sensual and romantic evening, almost anything is possible.

Booking a lesbian experience.

Eslabelle is run by Esmee who has always worked as a high-class escort herself. Because she always offered the ‘Ladies Only’ service, she knows like no other what a woman wants. She can give you extensive information and help you make the perfect match. At Eslabelle, we treat the ladies employed at a high-class level. We train them to be real professionals so we can guarantee you an experience that will surpass your dreams.

Lesbische Experience

What will you find at our (lesbian) high-class escort service?

  • Personal and friendly service. Eslabelle does a lot of matchmaking and is happy to search for the perfect high-class escort girl together with you;
  • Customers are very satisfied and 97% book again with Eslabelle;
  • All the ladies you see are 100% real, we don’t edit our photos. This is not necessary because our ladies are already beautiful in themselves;
  • Discretion and reliability are very important to Eslabelle. Your details will never be shared with third parties. Also, no personal data will be stored;
  • Eslabelle is a fully legal high-class escort agency and we therefore have all the permits;
  • All the high-class escort ladies who represent Eslabelle are not only a feast for the eyes, but they are also intelligent, a good conversationalist and all heavenly in bed. They wear the most beautiful lingerie and are very open-minded, so we can offer you an experience you will remember for a long time.

How do you book a lesbian experience?

Booking one or more lesbian high-class escorts is very easy. You can call us at +31633336375 or you can make a booking request through

the booking form. For a lesbian experience, please tick the ‘Ladies Only Experience’. We understand that it might be a bit difficult to choose between all our lesbian high-class escorts. We therefore do a lot of matchmaking.

Let us know how you see your date and what you find attractive in a woman and we will help you organise a great date.

Do you have any questions or is there anything else we can help you with? Please let us know and we will be happy to help you!

Information Kissing:

Dating without kissing is not very exciting, our ladies will certainly seduce you and kiss you at the right moment.

Lesbische Experience

Where can she come to see me?

For each booking, our high-class escort ladies will come to you. This can be in a hotel (minimum 4*) or in your own home. We will ask you, when making the reservation, about the location where the lady can come to you. Our companions can always appreciate it when you make their favorite drink ready for them.

Transport/Travel costs:

The travel costs for a lady amount to € 0.50 per kilometre from the place of residence of the lady to your desired destination and will be calculated on the basis of a round trip. If you book more than one lady, the above applies to each lady. For bookings outside the Netherlands other travel costs apply, please contact us for this. You do not have to worry about the transport of your companion. This is arranged by Eslabelle.

Lesbische Experience


We ensure that your companions always arrive discreetly and on time. The arrival as well as the departure of the ladies will be inconspicuous at all times. The companions representing Eslabelle always wear exclusive lingerie, a little black dress (to the knee) with stay-ups and high heels with a neat cloak over it. If you prefer her to arrive casual, this is of course also possible. If you wish, she will not step out of the door.

Lesbische Experience

The end of the evening: Extension:

When your date is getting close to the end (the last 15 minutes) Eslabelle will call the lady to tell her that your date is almost over. If you want to enjoy each other a bit longer you can extend the booking. You can tell the lady with how many hours you would like to extend the booking. She will arrange this with Eslabelle. Please note that the payment for the extension of the booking has to be made immediately.

When the date is over:

If you decide not to extend the date, your companion will get ready to leave and will also leave very discreetly.


All companions representing Eslabelle are always prepared down to the last detail. They have all the stuff you need with them. Think of: massage oil, lubricant and such. Do you have any requests of which you would like them to bring it? Please let us know and we will make sure everything is arranged down to the last detail.

Do you like to experiment with toys? Please keep in mind that these always have to be new and still in the package if you want to use them together with our high-class escort girl.

Trio Experience