At Eslabelle, almost anything is possible. Dreams are made to come true! You can find all the ‘Experiences‘ and ‘Packages’ we offer on our website. Although we offer many different, exciting services, perhaps the most enjoyable is travelling with a High Class Escort. Our ladies are the perfect travelling companions for you and will do everything to make it an unforgettable trip for both of you! In the blog below, we would like to tell you more about this exciting service and answer the question: how can I take a High Class Escort on a trip?

How do I take a High Class Escort on a trip?

Travelling together with one of your dream companions is much more fun than travelling alone. Many of our clientele experience a click while dating. So how nice is it if you can ask her along on a trip? At Eslabelle, we offer you a choice of many different ladies, most of whom are also happy to travel with you internationally. If you would like to take a High Class Escort with you on a trip, you can first inquire about her availability at Eslabelle, after which we will check the possibilities with your dream companion of choice. Can’t choose between all the gorgeous women? No problem at all! At Eslabelle, we also offer a matchmaking service, where we help you find the perfect companions that meet all your needs. Do you have your eye on a beautiful lady, but don’t know her yet? You can go on a date with her before your international trip to get acquainted. We are sure you will experience an instant click with her. Submit your travel dates to Eslabelle and we will immediately check the availability of your dream companion. If your dream companion is not available, we will work with you to find a suitable alternative. 

What are your wishes? 

Whisper all your wishes to us. We will ensure that your (international) trip will be one you will enjoy for a long time to come. We will prepare your trip with you down to the last detail, according to your wishes and desires. Just let us know which flight or hotel you would like and we will arrange the rest.

What can I do with a High Class Escort while travelling?

If you would like to take nice company with you on a trip, you will no doubt have certain thoughts or ideas about it. Do you want to take her on a business trip, city trip or do you want a nice relaxing holiday? At Eslabelle, we think it is incredibly important that your wishes and expectations are met, which is why we like to talk about your expectations. It is also very important to pass on exactly what the programme on the trip is, so that our companions can bring the right clothes. Think for example of a nice outfit for a party, a stylish outfit for a cosy dinner or of course a spicy set for during the night! In addition, you can also fill any free time with her during the trip. Our gorgeous companions are always happy to keep you company and will always accompany you on adventures.

Are there any rules associated with travelling with a High Class Escort?

Before your trip with one of our High Class Escorts, we always go over our house rules and some specifics with you well in advance. Think for example about the amount of free time for our companions each day, the number of hours of sleep she must get uninterrupted and how things will be arranged with food and drinks. We also agree in advance on your expectations and the things she would rather not have to do. This way, it is also clear before the trip how everything will roughly go. However, it is certainly not the intention to take the spontaneity out of the trip, so there will always be enough room to undertake spontaneous things. When our companions call us every day, it is mainly to check on her well-being. Therefore, there is certainly no need to worry about this, as it is more of a standard procedure.

Can I immediately book a High Class Escort of my choice for an (international) trip?

At Eslabelle, of course, you can already book a wonderful companion of your choice for your next trip right away! To do so, just fill in the booking form. In any case, at Eslabelle we wish you a wonderful trip with lots of enjoyment, excitement and, of course, fun.

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