Clients who book a high-end escort with Eslabelle do not only do so for its erotic possibilities. For them, making a (h)real connection is just as important, if not more so. If clients are only interested in erotic services, we can’t help them either. After all, our high-end escort service is intended for clients who want to have an exceptional experience. Clients who book a high-end escort with Eslabelle are looking for depth, excitement, adventure, intimacy and more. How do you connect with your beautiful companion? In this section we would like to give you some tips:

Take the time to get to know your luxury escort. 

Making an intimate and authentic connection takes more time than 15 minutes. Take the time to get to know each other. This can be over a snack, a glass of champagne or any other occasion. At Eslabelle, we therefore recommend a minimum reservation of 4 hours. Her personality will be as sparkling as her intimacy, however, one can’t go without the other. If you take the time to get to know each other better, you’ll find that the connection you make on the date will also pay off in the bedroom. 

Show interest in your high-end escort

All of the high-end escorts Eslabelle works with are naturally curious. They want to know who you are, what motivates you in life and will do everything they can to establish a genuine connection with you. One way to do this is to show interest. Your high-end escort will certainly appreciate it if you also ask her some questions and thus make her feel that you are also interested in her. 

Take part in outdoor activities with your high-end escort

A fun way to get to know each other better is to do activities together and create memories. Many clients therefore prefer an activity during their date. For example, opt for a ‘dinner for two’ package or our ‘spa experience’. In a previous blog we listed some fun activities for you, read more here! 

Slowly build up the eroticism together

After getting to know each other better over an activity, a snack or a drink, you will notice that there is an erotic tension in the air. There is already some flirting going on and there may have been some touching, a light kiss, maybe more. If the time is right, your high-end escort will take the initiative to go into the bedroom with you or offer to take a bath together. Like all women, our high-end escorts can really appreciate when you spoil them with foreplay. Think about massaging each other, stroking each other, kissing and later fingering or fucking her. Good foreplay will contribute to your connection and you’ll find that your high-end escort will appreciate it too. After intensive foreplay, your high-class escort will also pleasure you and do her best to reach an intimate climax with you. 

Do you have any questions or can we do anything else for you? Then contact us, we will be happy to help you.