The 10 most frequently asked questions:

1.What made you start Eslabelle?

Before starting Eslabelle, I worked as a high-class escort myself for years. While working as a high-class escort, I soon noticed that there was a lot of room for improvement. Many agencies that do pretend to offer the ‘high-class’ service do not. They usually have no idea what it is like to work as a high-class escort. They started this agency because it seemed fun to them or because they saw lucrative opportunities in it. 

As a result, I received insufficient guidance and safety standards also often left much to be desired. This had to and could be better! If you want to change something properly, it is best to do it yourself. I would do it again, I love my job. 

2. Why did you start working as a high-class escort yourself?

It was out with my partner at the time. I was looking for excitement and especially adventure. The series Girls of Pleasure was just on TV at the time. Of course, that series gives a highly romanticised picture of reality. I was very aware of that. Yet there was something that really attracted me to the series. The unknown, the excitement, but also the opportunity to fully develop sexually. 

3. Do you also help well-known clients? Or are there clients we might know?

That chance is pretty high. In fact, Eslabelle’s client base is expanding by the day. I just cannot elaborate on my clients. Privacy and discretion are very high priorities at Eslabelle. 

4. Do your ladies ever experience dangerous or annoying situations? 

Unfortunately, I still get this kind of question very often. Therefore, this is a typical question from journalists or people who have no idea what it is like in the high end. In various films and series, you often see harrowing and dangerous situations. If nothing at all happens in that series and everything is just fun many people drop out at some point. Fortunately, reality is nothing like that at all. 

I think there are jobs that are many times more dangerous than the ‘job’ of a high-class escort. Ladies working for Eslabelle are not allowed to use drugs and excessive alcohol is also a ‘NO GO’. Also, my ladies may immediately break off a date if she feels her client(s) are too heavily intoxicated. All clients must treat their high-class escort with respect at all times. If they do not do so then my high-class escorts will also break off the date.

5. So does this happen frequently?

No, thankfully not. For me, it is very important that both my ladies and my clients both enjoy the date. Clients pay a lot of money for a date. It would be a shame to misbehave. 

6. What is the craziest request that has come in?

Define crazy? I always ask then. I am very open-minded myself, so I always try to think along with the customer in terms of possibilities. You just have to think like this. What is normal for one person is weird for another. And who does that say something about? So ‘crazy’ requests or certain fetishes is not something I am surprised about. 

7. Can I book you too? 

Here I can actually be very brief. The answer is no. I get this question very often and I understand that this is meant very nicely. However, I have wonderful ladies with whom I work. They will give my clients a great time. 

8. Do your ladies never fall in love with a customer? 

Fortunately, this has never happened. My ladies definitely build rapport with clients. Especially if they see the client several times. Really falling in love doesn’t actually happen. The situation is so focused on the lady making it the most memorable date ever for the client. This is obviously not a setting to fall in love in. Usually, you go on a date with someone first and really get to know each other. The client knows her ‘working name’ and of course she does tell a lot about her life. But never with much detail. 

9. But if a client books 8 hours, do they also have 8 hours of sex? 

If a customer was only looking for sex he would probably go to the Red Light District. Incidentally, that’s a lot cheaper too! Intimacy is certainly an important part of a date. But intimacy is not the main reason why a client books a high-class escort. They book a high-class escort also because of her fine company, her class, for fun and for a good conversation. 

Can’t they have that good and fine company in their private lives? 

Many customers who book with Eslabelle have their own reasons for doing so. Some clients simply do not have time to go on extensive dates with someone. They find their careers more important. Others are quite lonely and find it difficult to go on dates with someone in their private life. There are as many as 100 other reasons why someone chooses to book a high-class escort.  

10. What do you find really annoying about your work? 

I really see my job as my hobby. Of course, I don’t love everything about my job. For instance, I am not really a star at administration. That’s why I have an accountant who does everything for me. You have to keep your work as fun for yourself as possible. However, there are things I find quite annoying. For instance, I find it very annoying when customers call up half-drunk. Then they get an answer from me when I think you should go to sleep first. I also find it very annoying when customers ask for certain dates. After which I subsequently get no answer or at the last minute I hear, it won’t work after all…