High Class Escort Service Eslabelle

Secretly, everyone dreams about meeting a beautiful high-class escort. A passionate reminder that lets you escape the busy reality for a while. Therefore, our high-class escorts find it extra important that a connection is made both physically and mentally. Why dream about anything when you can make them come true? Eslabelle is there for all clientele who are only satisfied with the very best.


Eslabelle is run by Esmee, she strives for nothing less than perfection in everything she does. A date at Eslabelle is always personalized for you and is completely tailored to your needs and desires. Why dream of an experience when you can also make it a reality?

(Dutch) High Class Escorts from Eslabelle

All the high-class escort girls representing Eslabelle are all equally stylish, elegant, communicatively skilled, sensual and know how to excite you both intellectually and intimately. You can also take her to various occasions such as: a dinner-date, (business) event or experience together with your dream woman great trip to a (international) destination, almost everything is possible with High Class Escort Service Eslabelle. Eslabelle’s high-class escorts are all different in appearance and personality, but have the following things in common:

  • They are all intelligent and always know how to excite you during a good conversation.
  • They are best described as the girl-next-door, a beautiful (natural) looking woman who possesses confidence and exudes class.
  • They are discreet and will always arrive on time during your date.
  • All high-class escort girls are of Dutch descent.
  • All high-class escort girls are at least 21 years old and do this “work” because they enjoy it. They are student or business women who enjoy taking on the adventure with you.

Girlfriend Experience GFE

At Eslabelle, we offer our clients a high-quality Girlfriend Experience. In doing so, we will send you one of our beautiful companions to you for an evening of romance, passion and intimacy. Our high-class escorts will make sure you have an evening with all the tenderness, seduction and passion you could want. The companions at Eslabelle are all carefully selected to ensure you have the perfect ‘Girlfriend Experience’. All of our companions will make your heart beat faster just by seeing them walk in. This is because they are all incredibly beautiful, of course, but they are also social and intelligent, which means that you can also have a good conversation with her.

During the date, our high-class escorts will make sure that you feel the excitement rising higher and higher. The Girlfriend Experience involves making sure you feel desired and getting tingles in your stomach as she slowly begins to seduce you more and more.

Leading High Class Escort Service of the Netherlands.

At High Class Escort Service Eslabelle, we like to distinguish ourselves from other agencies that pretend to offer you the ‘high-class’ experience. At High Class Escort Service Eslabelle, we just like to raise the bar a little. Eslabelle is managed by Esmee who herself has worked for years as a high-class escort. She trains all her high-class escorts and teaches them everything they need to give you a great experience. We distinguish ourselves by:

  • Our signature personalized service. Give all your wishes to Eslabelle and we will provide a great experience completely tailored to your needs and desires.
  • Our customers are very satisfied, research shows that 98% come back within a year to make a second booking.
  • All the high-class escorts you see on our website are real, the photos on our website are minimally edited. The lady you choose will actually be the lady who comes to accompany you on a date.
  • Eslabelle is a Legal High Class Escort Service and therefore has all the necessary permits.
  • At Eslabelle, we understand that your privacy is very important. Your data will not be stored nor shared with third parties. Your privacy, security, and discretion are essential to us.

Working as a high-class escort

At High Class Escort Service Eslabelle, we are always looking for new high-class escorts. Do you love adventure, seduction, excitement and erotica as much as we do? Then read more about working as a high-class escort here! Please motivate why you think you are a good fit for Eslabelle and what makes you a good high-class escort. If Esmee is as excited as you are she will be in touch soon!

If you have a business trip, make an international booking!

At Eslabelle we take care of bookings throughout the Netherlands and of course abroad. Are you going on a business trip, vacation, weekend getaway, city trip or have another good reason to get out and about? With a companion from Eslabelle, it will be a trip to remember. Let the adventure begin. Where is your trip going? We are happy to hear about your needs and provide the perfect ‘travel’ companion. Most high-class escort girls are happy to travel with you. Enjoy culture, luxury, architecture and culinary indulgences together with your dream companion. Most of Eslabelle’s high-class escort girls are available for international bookings within and outside Europe. Because we only represent companions who do not work full-time as high-class escorts (they are career women or college students), it is highly recommended that you schedule a meeting abroad as early as possible. It is also nice for the companion of your choice if she has enough time to prepare for your time together.

Book a High Class Escort.

You can book one or more of our high-class escorts in a variety of ways. You can call us at +31633336375 or you can make a booking request. You can do this by using our booking form. We understand that choosing between all of our beautiful high-class escorts can be very difficult. We can also help you make the perfect match for you.

This is how you make a booking with our high-class escorts:

  1. Choose one or more companions, or let Eslabelle make a match for you. We can give you advice over the mail, phone or whatsapp.
  2. You fill in the booking form or contact Eslabelle personally.
  3. Eslabelle confirmed the booking and you can enjoy a great date!

Do you have questions about the character of one or more companions? We know all the companions personally so can answer all your questions. Our exclusive high-class escorts are available for bookings throughout the Netherlands and are often from major cities such as: Amsterdam, Schiphol, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Maastricht and more. Of course, our high-class escorts are also bookable in international destinations such as: Prague, Dubai, Ibiza, Monaco, Paris, Zurich and more. Whatever your wishes are at Eslabelle they will come true!

Do you have any questions? Then feel free to contact us, we are happy to help!