Eslabelle about Hannah:

Hannah is a passionate, enterprising and exciting companion. When she walks in, you will immediately be charmed by her seductive aura. She is the type of companion you can take along for any occasion. Hannah is a very sensual companion who will enchant you on a romantic evening. But Hannah also has a naughty side that you will certainly want to discover. You will immediately feel at ease with Hannah, you can discuss everything with her, because she is also very open-minded. In her spare time she is interested in spirituality, personal development and likes to immerse herself in the people around her. She will therefore always make a deep connection with you and get the most out of your evening. Hannah is liberal in life and therefore finds it important to make the most of her life. Hannah: “I want to feel and experience life”. Are you looking for an eccentric, sweet and passionate companion who knows how to enchant you again and again? Then choose Hannah.

About me:

Routine is not for me and I like to dive into the adventure. I like to surround myself with gentle and passionate people. I want them to feel comfortable with me. I like to see someone having fun, but at the same time I know what I like. When I feel free, I am in my element. I like to walk around the city with a coffee, wondering what the evening will bring… Will you take me on an adventure with you? 

Aesthetics are very important to me, it’s beautiful to see and feel when you pay attention to something. I carry this in my whole life. In my work I listen and in my singing I can express my feelings. By paying attention to erotic play and sensuality, pleasure and intimacy become all the more intense. There is nothing more wonderful than having fun and laughing together, building up tension and being able to completely surrender to feeling and fantasy….. Our adventure awaits you. 

 With Love x